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How ISIS Does Not Represent Islam



Written by Caitlin Walker

ISIS is a terrorist organisation–however it’s a common misconception that all Muslims are a part of ISIS when, in fact, they do not represent Islam at all.

Around 1.57 billion people in 57 different countries around the world are Muslims and the ISIS extremists have around 30,000 people. ISIS is 2% of the world’s population which is a very small amount of people in the grand scheme of things especially when there are 1.57b peaceful practicing Muslims around the world. How can such a small minority of people represent billions of Muslims and their religion? I blame the Media. I’m not saying just because 2% isn’t a high number therefore ISIS isn’t a problem because that’s not true, it is a big problem, however, the Media are using propaganda to make us fear and believe that all Muslims think the same way ISIS extremists do.

They’ve created this stigma that every Muslim is associated with this terrorist group. The media doesn’t tell us that the majority of who ISIS hurts isn’t just Christians it’s actually in fact Muslims, why would a group of people who claim to be Muslims, harm their own people? The media has swayed us from the truth. No one ever say’s every Christian person is a KKK member so why is every Muslim labeled as a terrorist when we’ve already proved ISIS are only at 2% of this world’s population? ISIS violate many fundaments of Islam and Islamic laws, for example, These are the ‘Prophet’s Rules of war’

Don’t destroy a temple or a church.

Don’t kill a child, woman, sick person, monk, priest, elderly person or someone who surrendered.

Destroy a building.

Disfigure the dead.

Be good go prisoners and feed them. Don’t enforce Islam.

ISIS has violated all of them rules yet still claim to be Islamic.

ISIS also bombed a mosque during Ramadan however the media doesn’t focus on ISIS targeting Muslims. The media feeds us propaganda and only focuses on stories where ISIS have hurt and killed nonmuslim people.

The media is the reason people get the idea that the group are Islamic when they aren’t. People need to stop generalising everyone from the middle east as being a part of ISIS. People quickly forget that many American/British and German’s have joined ISIS therefor ISIS is not just associated with people of the Islamic faith. ISIS removed ISLAMIC study  lessons from schools in Mosul and Iraq because their crimes directly violate Islam. I will say again ISIS is a violent political movement and does not represent Islam or the global Muslim community.

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