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All (White) Lives Matter According to Donald Trump



Mercutio Southall Jr. a locally known activist, interrupted Donald Trump’s rally by shouting “Black lives matter!” After a fight broke out Trump demanded that the protesters be thrown out saying, “Get him the hell out of here, will you, please? […] Get him out of here. Throw him out!”

According to the video by CNN, Southall fell to the ground where, from what it looks like, several white men proceeded to kick and punch him. After realizing what was happening the crowd began to chant “All lives matter” while some cheered.

When questioned about the fight that broke out Trump responded with, “Maybe he should have been roughed up, because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

I have to ask Trump, what part of racial equality disgusts you? Is it the part where your entire campaign would fall apart if we lived in a society where white supremacy didn’t exist or does it disgust you because the racially unjust society that we currently live in benefits you in all aspects?

I have, unfortunately might I add, come across a few people who don’t necessarily agree with Trump but praise him for “speaking his mind.” It bewilders me that people aren’t actually concerned about the fact that the only apparent thing on his mind is encouraging racism and white supremacy.

You shouldn’t be okay with the fact that Trump is “speaking his mind” because it means that white people are becoming less and less ashamed of being racist; it doesn’t make him a hero, it makes him vile. He has no guilt or shame saying that all Mexicans are rapists and drug lords. He has no shame insinuating that Muslims should be forced to wear a sign on them indicating their religion and he has no shame in motivating a group of people to attack someone for wanting racial equality. We seem to be regressing back into the 1960’s where this type of behavior would most definitely be praised and encouraged.

Donald Trump is revitalizing the idea of an all-white America and is fueling his protestors with hate-filled motivation. His white supremacist ideals are contributing greatly to the already substantial amount of racial divide this country is experiencing. Even if he doesn’t make it to presidency (which I am praying to all the Gods, even the ones I don’t believe in that he doesn’t) his entire campaign is promoting this belief that justifies hate and racism and it has spread through all over the United States.

Many try to invalidate the Black Lives Matter movement by expressing that “all lives matter.” What isn’t quite understood is that white lives already matter in the society we live in, they are already valued much higher than people of color’s lives. If all lives did in fact matter then the Black Lives Matter movement would cease to exist.

I find that it’s quite a contradiction that Trump’s supporters were yelling “All lives matter” to encourage the beating of a black man, don’t you think?

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