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Lost In A Mental Praxis

Written by Luis Avila

One of the biggest threats, as people of color, is an everyday fear of the criminalization of who we are as people of color.

For years white privilege has been an issue and it continues to erase narratives of many minority communities.

For example, both the young and old black women and men are criminalized and terrorized by the current totalitarian state of police. They are killed and targeted on the streets they walk on and the places they live. We live in a society where black women and men are afraid of a trip to the gas station because they fear it may be their last.

From Eric Garner to Sarah Bland to Michael Brown to a continuous almost endless list too long to be justified of African-Americans who have been victims of the hatred and complex racist structures this country has kept alive. We have gotten to a point where a hate crime like the one Dylan Roof committed, was rewarded with burger king, while Sarah Bland was attacked by a traffic violation.

White Structures have backtracked many black movements and have tried to justify their wrong actions even now. White society likes to think of racism as a game of words and vocal actions. They fail to realize racism isn’t just what you call someone. Racism is complex and is justified and that is the problem.

Additionally racism has been surpassed by its own actions like the militarization in places such as ferguson. Studies show a Black youth is killed every 9 days with already more than 1000+ unjustified killings this year alone. There is modern day lynching. Its 2015.

The killing and targeting of black minorities is clear and is a problem. Yet, White people say all lives matter. The All lives matter trend on twitter erased progression and backtracked the Black lives matter due to the fact whiteness believes in reverse racism.

Reverse racism to many is the cry of the white man not being able to afford to lose his privilege. Additionally correlated to targeting of black society, there is also a problem with many other people of color such as chicanxs or brown people of color in general. Chicanx (chee-caun-aus), sometimes referred to as Xicanxs, are also victims of whiteness along with many other minorities.

Brown movement are sometimes swept under the rug and made a mockery of. Comments made by Donald Trump or Ann Coulter are prime examples of whiteness degrading brown people to nothing more than “rapists, drug users, and serial killers” yet brown people along with every other person of color created the foundation upon which whiteness overcame to claim credit and build its structures of modern slavery, capitalistic ideology, Racism, oppression, privilege, heteronormativity, hyper masculinity, the list goes on and on each structure of the white patriarchy being complex in its own way.

Brown people are looked at as “aliens” or “invaders” and discriminated for speaking their own language. However, whiteness feels as if they are the victim when they are educated on social issues affecting people of color. Our youth and generations are brainwashed by academia to believe that columbus and the white government are their savior. In the past the land of people of color was colonized by the white master. However, it also happens today. In our classrooms, media, and the world around. We are being mentally colonized and so are our movements and cries for the justice of people of color in this country where people of color are shot by the color of the skin. There is always going to be different methodologies to how to break down the structures of whiteness and social injustice.

Whatever method you choose you are helping break down these structures. Wether its social media or protesting or discussions you are making a difference. We should embrace our roots of deep and beautifully complex culture and history. We as people of color should hear the cries of the victims of racist inequalities and stand for our people. Don’t ever think you are too young too make a difference because every person in movements like these can make a difference. We will stay silent no longer, we will allow the unjustified killings of unarmed colored teenagers and adults no more. Be socially aware, Make a difference.

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