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UK Politics- Why You Should Vote for Jeremy Corbyn

“We don’t have to be unequal. It doesn’t have to be unfair. Poverty isn’t inevitable. Things can,

and they will change.” Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as a labour leader, with a huge 59.5% of the votes, much to Tony Blair and the Blairites’ dismay. He is Labour MP for Islington North, and has been since 1983.

The first thing he did as a leader was attend a refugee rally. He’s the most left-wing leader the party has had in living memory. He had seemingly come out of nowhere–a bike-riding, vegetarian socialist who has been protesting for years, won parliamentary board of the year award a record 5 times, and never run for leader before–sweeping in and becoming leader by a bigger percentage than Tony Blair did (Tony, what’s good?).

So why should you vote for him in the next UK general election? He has released a document entitled Working with Women. He wants to make childcare free and stop the cuts to the public services that help stop women going into poverty and stop violence towards women, including stopping the cuts to victims of domestic violence and rape.

He will give all workers equal (and higher) protection and pay, and spoke about how the gap is even larger for black and ethnic minorities compared to white women. He has spoken about representation (rather the lack of) and will make 50% of his shadow cabinet women, and try to make 50% of MPs women. He will challenge gender stereotypes, and ensure the better relationship and sex education is taught in schools. He said he will “properly fund Violence Against Women and Girls Services and make it easier for women to be believed and get justice” and “work to get more women, including ethnic minority and disabled women, into local and national positions in the Labour Party.” He has spoken against female genital mutilation, and how it links in with forced marriage.

He has also acknowledged how important our generation of young feminists using social media as a tool to get heard is and is proposing ideas on what he will do to end street harassment and everyday sexism. The full document, Working with Women, is available on his campaign page. He wants to raise the minimum wage to £10, a living wage, and says, “we are one of the richest countries in the world and there is absolutely no reason why anybody should have to live in poverty.” He wants to abolish university tuition fees and restore student maintenance grants.

 He also voted against tuition fees being introduced. He has been an activist on the right side of history for years. Back in the eighties, he was arrested for protesting against apartheid (a system of racial segregation in Africa) outside of the South African Embassy, when the UK government was pro-apartheid and said Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. He has voted against every anti-LGBT vote and for every LGBT rights vote (he missed one vote in 2003) since the 1980s.

When speaking to Pinknews, he said wants to enforce economic consequences on countries which didn’t have LGBT rights. described him as “The best candidate for LGBT Brits.” He opposed and campaigned against Iraq in the 1970s and eighties, and again in 2003 he voted and organised the biggest demonstration in Britain (ever) against Iraq. He is a leading figure in the Stop the War coalition. He opposed Afghanistan in 2001 and has been a campaigner for Palestinians people’s rights for a long time. He has always been against the Trident program, (which would cost £100bn.) Places where rent is ridiculously overpriced (eg-central London) would have rent controls, which would make sure lower-income families would actually be able to afford them. He has opposed austerity on a huge scale for years and understands that women, especially black and ethnic minority women, are the hardest hit by it.

 More information about Jeremy and his policies can be found on his website, and his campaign website:

Jeremy will be running for PM in the next general election, and if you are a UK citizen over 18 at the time you will be able to vote for him.

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