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Aspired to be an author? Try Indie Publishing!

Are you dreaming of becoming a famous author? Have you ever imagined your books are sold in bookstores all across the country? Do you dream of holding your own book signing? Are you aspired to be a well-known fantasy writer like J.K. Rowling, or a poet with words that can sweep you off your feet like Lang Leav? Are you planning on publishing your book, but your script keeps being rejected by publishers or you are not confident enough to publish it in a conventional publisher? Then, you should try indie publishing.

So what is indie publishing?

Indie publishing is actually a method in publishing your own written works, in which you are able to produce your own book independently. These days, there are various writers who try their luck in indie publishing and succeed in presenting their literature masterpiece to the readers.

It’s such a good idea! But how can I publish my work independently?

Most common ways to use indie publishing are by self-publishing your work or sending your work to an indie publisher. Now let’s talk about self-publishing. Self-publishing is a method in which you publish your own work by putting your own effort into the whole production process. You will format the book, design the cover (or you can ask a friend to help you), apply for ISBN number, find a printing service, print copies, find a distributor to deliver your books to bookstores and publicly announce its release all on your own. Self-publishing takes a lot of your time, energy and money, but the result will be satisfying because everything is based on your desire.

On the other hand, indie publishers tend to offer you a service to do all the sequences above under their supervision. There are a lot of indie publishers these days that offer various kinds of services, for example, they take care of cover designing for free, but we have to pay for the ISBN number application and printing or they charge all of the services above and include proofread as well. Your work will be produced in two formats, eBook, and physical copy. The works that we send to an indie publisher might not get accepted, but when it is, they’ll produce our book under professionalism. They can also guarantee the quality of the book and make sure it suits the taste of the readers. By using the service of certain kinds of publishers, we can also save our money that we might spend if we choose self-publishing.

I still can’t process what indie publishing is like, where can I get more information about it?

If you are still wondering about how indie publishing is like, or you still cannot depict how it works, there are many sites that can guide you to publish your written works independently. Sites like The Book Designer, Jane Friedman’s blog or Indies Unlimited may provide the answers to your questions regarding indie publishing.

Publishing your novel independently is not hard at all. By indie publishing, you are able to pursue your writing career, as well as giving people a chance to enjoy and admire your work. After you publish your first novel, maybe a conventional publisher sees a good potential in your book that they will produce it on a big scale? Good luck!

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Natasya Fila Rais is an 18 years old child actress, musician, novelist, and journalist. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, she has been writing since the age of 7. Her debut young adult novel, "Ephemerae" was released on January 12th, 2017. Natasya also enjoys reading books, listening to music, singing, playing guitar, and traveling. She is a feminist. Her concern about social justice issues is one of the reasons why she begins to touch the world of journalism.

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