Depending on Someone Does Not Make You “Weak”

Today’s society has made it very clear that times are changing.  Many popular Twitter and Instagram pages have shared multiple posts on social justice and acceptance.  However with these inspiring and influential opinions on race, gender, politics, and sexuality comes an alternative argument of what people are calling “feministic” values, and what a girl may or may not need.

Depending on another person does not make you any less of a woman than you are without one.  In fact, a deep emotional connection with someone you love is a huge factor of your mental and social health. According to, “building stronger, wider social connections can help us feel happier and more secure, and give us a greater sense of purpose.” Don’t be ashamed!  It’s amazing that you love somebody so much that you’d be lost without them.  Some people go their entire lives without that type of love, and if that’s what you need to lull out of a negative or insecure mental state, then by all means find someone who will love every aspect of you as much as you do them.

And if you truly don’t need a significant other to be happy, then that’s amazing as well.  Congrats! Your confidence and self love inspire me.  Stay true to what your values are and what you want from your life.  You are just as beautiful.  

Love may not cure any physical issues, and of course mental illnesses such as depression are uncontrollable, and unable to cure with a compliment or a kiss.  But in long-term being with someone who truly loves you boosts your confidence and makes life more enjoyable to you.  When asked if love could cure depression Anupriya Saraswat responded that “the things about mental illnesses is that they’re illnesses, first and foremost. They need medical intervention… intervention is a prerequisite. Just like a mother caressing her child’s forehead when he has a fever. Or a concerned sibling keeping our mind off our trauma when the stitches of an appendectomy heal.  Or a spouse who makes you laugh after a chemo session.  Love can manifest in many, many ways – each helping us make the journey a little easier.” 

We should not be bashing girls who seek out companionship.  All people have different personality traits that acquire  different needs of the individual.  They are not weak, they are just as strong as everyone else.



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