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Illegal Immigrants Are Not Who You Think They Are


If someone asks you what you think of illegal immigrants, you may think of Mexicans trying to steal our jobs. That’s the immediate response for a lot of people without even blinking an eye. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has gained a lot of followers for this stereotypical statement that white conservatives usually agree with. It is easy to agree with too; it makes sense if there is zero thought put into the actuality of it. People don’t talk about the fact that undocumented immigrants help us in ways we aren’t even aware of. 16% of the US labor force are immigrants, illegal and legal. 56% of engineering doctoral degrees, 51% of computer science doctoral degrees, and 44% of physics doctoral degrees were awarded in 2011 to students who weren’t U.S. citizens. Our doctors and engineers are immigrants, once illegal.

Many people say that legal immigrants are okay, but the illegal ones should come back when they become authorized. But we all know the intolerance won’t stop. Even U.S born Mexicans, Latinxs, Asians, etc. get comments like “Go back to your country,” all the time. Fast food chains would close, as 11% of workers are unauthorized. 14% of home improvement and construction workers are unauthorized in the U.S. The men and women that fix leaks, roofs, garden, would be forced to evacuate the country if Donald Trump’s wall plan was to be put into place. Produce prices would go up, like strawberries, lettuce, and spinach without the extra help. Undocumented workers have contributed $13 billion in payroll taxes to old age, survivors, and disability insurance in 2010, and only used 1 billion. That gives us a $12 billion contribution that wouldn’t have occurred if deported. Undocumented laborers in California contribute $130 billion annually to its gross domestic product. People always say that “Mexicans are stealing our jobs.” Are you saying that you’d work extremely difficult labor for under minimum wage with unrealistic hours? U.S citizens typically are too prideful, and I don’t blame them, I don’t think I would either. But don’t say that they’re taking your jobs when you wouldn’t do them in a million years anyway.  

Donald Trump’s plan is unrealistic and not thought out at all, as it would take 20 years to deport that many people. The entire economy would collapse. Donald Trump doesn’t talk like a politician, (because he isn’t one) which draws people to him. He is easy to understand and good at persuading people. He is awful at answering questions, as he is always avoiding them if they don’t have to do with immigration or how wealthy and “handsome” he is. He has a reputation for being blunt, but there is a very fine line between bluntness and downright bullying. People like Donald Trump are always looking for excuses to be racist. But before you tell an immigrant he/she is not welcome here, remember that we were all once immigrants too.

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