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Does ‘Body Positive’ Really Include Skinny People?

Individually, we all battle with society in some way shape or form with our own shape and form. Not only is there uncanny pressure to attain a beauty standard permitted by society, but also there is always an inner conflict that suffers silently when it comes to our own individual body image.

Time and time again, a skinny person will be told to go eat a burger or gain some f*cking weight… and it will be stated without hesitation. It seems that our generation has crafted a very open community about body positivity, but the skinnier you are, the harder it is to be let in.

We all grow up wanting or anticipating fitting in with society. Being skinny doesn’t make that want and need any different, and without a doubt there is a huge problem with shamming skinny people in society. Weight has and never will define a person, so therefore we shouldn’t let it define our right to be body positive. Insecurities branch from all dark corners, and the personal battle to fit in for a person who is constantly being dragged down for looking a certain way is nothing but sad. The body positivity movement seems to have taken many steps in the right direction, although when it comes to handling ‘skinny people’, we can’t seem to follow the right path.

Most definitely should one have the right to feel offended by a comment that is associated with such negative energy. Telling someone that they are TOO skinny can be just as offensive as being too…anything. It is simple science to understand that someone who struggles with weight gain, loss or anything in between doesn’t need the reminder that they aren’t good enough. Being skinny, or looking too skinny, doesn’t make anyone lesser than anyone. In a society that praises the skinny girl to a core swarmed around Photoshop, editing apps and #thighgaps, we seem blind to the reality of skinny shamming. So blind that most of us would laugh and argue that skinny shamming is nonexistent, or a cry for help, when truly it won’t change the fact that all ideals of perfection are forever unattainable.


Think long and hard before you enlighten a person of his or her own weight. Chances are, that person is very aware of how their own body operates, and truly don’t need the outside views from within their glasshouse. Don’t go out of your way to put down girls who are skinny, because we all know what would happen if the tables were turned. Proving your point or sending a message doesn’t have to be gifted with such negative tones. The root to most disorders that involve weight, form from the pressure to feel accepted. Think about that inner conflict we all share with our own selves next time you prove your intelligence with an uneducated comment.


No one needs to be reminded that we don’t fit in with society’s standards. Your comment won’t progress the movement of body positivity, rather debilitate the entire concept.

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