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A Political Quagmire: Pick Your Poison

Photo Illustration by Emil Lendof/The Daily Beast

We all know it is secretly true. This election has been nothing but an ego-showcase, or competition to see which candidate can get the most followers on Twitter.

In a world that is trying so desperately hard to become so advanced, we have found nothing but extreme segregation resulting in actual hate crimes, and uneducated and out-right stupid statements regarding- running the most powerful country in the world.

Americans truly didn’t realize how good they had it when they had Obama. Back when he was running, Mitt Romney, who showed society just how oblivious a campaign could be, corrupted the world.

Now we have Donald Trump. The exquisite pain in the ass. The man who managed to brainwash a nation into believing it could actually be possible to build a wall around Mexico. Or even worse, Ted Cruz, the man who thinks carpet-bombing is revolutionary. Clinton fails to hold any better fight, and fails even harder to speak to any voters under the age of 29, which proved to be true in New York where her runner up received 72% of the votes from people aged 18-29.

Since when did a presidential election become a game of pick your poison? For years, politics has been about the money there is no question about it. It takes major backbone to become a politician, as you make many enemies. For decades we have seen all sorts of characters amount from politicians. This includes gangsters, scofflaws, heartthrobs, bad actors, icons and public enemies.

However, lately politics seem to be merely everything but political. Making it rather difficult to feel any sort of security. Take any modern day politician and break them down. Guaranteed you will find nothing but money thrown around in different directions. It only makes sense that politicians are all channeling puppets, because when we look at who is the most followed person in today’s society we find ourselves lusting over a Kardashian of some kind.

Think of it like the Purgatory of politics. We are all so wise with our fancy technology and free will to express ourselves, but who said that was a good thing? For example, in 1984 Orwell makes it appear that the people who are sentenced under Big Brother’s dystopia are blind and unaware. As you read into it, you learn that people aren’t so blind and unaware, yet scared with reality. Now I don’t think Donald Trump is even remotely as cunning as Big Brother was, but I do think that society has let him come so far because we are afraid of being betrayed by reality again. The worst part of every Donald Trump scandal is that they are never surprising. The man is being completely honest and accepting about everything’s that has happened in his life. Yes, he is no saint, but he doesn’t try to be someone that he is not. So maybe, instead of hating on him, our society should learn to do the same. Does that mean we should vote for him? Probably not, as he is so politically incorrect that he has turned every political election into a joke.

Not only is the man a racist, but also he has a huge issue with degrading women. We can all go on about how horrible Mr. Trump is, but the truth is he is being his true self. Most of us may even share the same qualities as Donald Trump, but no one will ever know. If our society thinks that the biggest issue when it comes to gender equality is Donald Trump being infatuating with women competing at a beauty pageant, we need a serious reality check. The real issues are the women who are afraid to leave their houses because of who they are in the civil wars of the Middle East, or, the girls who aren’t granted any sort of education because of who they are. The media prints more about Caitlyn Jenner going to the grocery store, than the ongoing war in the Middle East that is killing over a thousand people everyday. Our society doesn’t need a pretty face in an Armani suit to tell us that the world is bitter, because we already know; we just don’t want to accept it.

It truly isn’t about the Politics anymore. Politics are becoming just as shallow and hallow as the reality shows people watch on TV. The best part is, we will all acknowledge the stupidity behind the show, yet we all want to watch it. No one can honestly say that any modern day politician is comparable to our most beloved, which just really dwells on the idea that everyone is too drawn to being politically incorrect and not mainstream, that we just let someone else who is bored and rich handle it. And now that the bored and rich have handled it long enough to run for president, we seek desperation.


I personally apologize for the previous title of this article. The concept of it was in no way meant to degrade any victim of STD. The concept of the piece was in no way meant to tackle any issues other than the election. The stigma around STD’s aren’t always ignorant and careless, rather forced and denounced. 



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