Hardman expresses what is unacceptable in the workplace

Source: Isabel Hardman Forces MP To Apologise For ‘Sexist’ Smear And Sticks Up For Women Journalists

Sexism in the workplace has become the lead debate among key figures in the U.K. after Isabel Hardman shared the exchange she had with an MP recently, suggesting it’s something women in the lobby shouldn’t have to put up with. But with like every debate, there is always somebody to make sure it goes in the wrong direction.

Earlier today, Edwina Currie, former British Member of Parliament, decided to englighten us all on how she thinks we should tackle harassment via a BBC debate with Laura Bates, creator of Everyday Sexism Project. With whether the word ‘totty’ is acceptable to use in a work enviornment starting off as the main topic at hand, Edwina suggested that a lack of humour is what today’s women are missing. After attempting to dismiss the way Hardman handled her uncomfortable exchange, Edwina dropped the revelation that young women should ‘make the most of it because the day will come when they’re not good looking anymore.’ Because women are merely props in a man’s world, right?

Edwina Currie and Laura Bates have a heated debate live on air.

Source: BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour, Is being called ‘totty’ at work a compliment?

This isn’t the first time Edwina has embarked on a quest to make sure women feel put down. Earlier this year, she expressed her dismay for women who are size 14 and over, saying that they are ‘obese’, ‘unhealthy’ and ‘courting diabetes’  

I will give this to Edwina however, she has stood by her internalised misgoyny. As a contributor for The Telegraph, she has had her fair share of stirring the pot from a high platform, something which I think she has taken for granted. From her views on maternity to single sex schools, it’s clear that she is outdatted. It’s an insult to all, that we as a group of people, should be constantly segregated to avoid unnerving events.

‘Lack of self-belief, not sexism, is what stops many talented women from reaching the upper ranks’

Source: It’s feminism that’s been holding women back – Telegraph

The re-occuring theme for people like Edwina is that everybody is to blame but those doing wrong, that we try too hard to be politcally correct. Of course you’re right Edwina, it’s Isabel Hardman’s fault for not accepting a sexist comment, not the MP for treating her like a professional.  It’s women’s fault for having a lack of belief, not the system for constantly placing many barriers in our way. Please do us a favour, cut the misgoyny and change your attitude. You may be 69, but you’re not wise.


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