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The North Carolina Boycott


Imagine yourself as a man. You feel in your gut you know that’s who you are. You feel completely comfortable with the way you identify, and have been using the men’s bathroom for years, no problem! One morning, you turn on the T.V and hear that you can’t feel like a man when you use the bathroom, since you were born with the sex of a female, because it’s now the law. How is that okay? Why shouldn’t you have the right to use whichever restroom you please?

The LGBTQ+ community and their advocates are outraged by the new North Carolina law, which requires people to use the bathroom of their biological sex. This discriminatory regulation was signed by Governor Pat McCrory. Thankfully, his constant defenses don’t fool the majority, including rock stars/groups such as Bruce Springsteen, the E Street Band, Pearl Jam, and former Beatles member Ringo Starr, have all canceled their concerts in the state to boycott. Months ago, there was a regulation that was all about the protection of these people, so that employers, by law, couldn’t refuse to hire people if they were lesbian, gay, transgender, etc. In a republican-dominate state, many people did not agree with this, which is why the legislature declared a HB2, which overruled the liberal law.  Over 160 companies are advocating for the repeal, such as Capital One, Bloomberg, United Airlines, and Williams-Sonoma are just a few examples of this backlash. The Governor cost at least 40 million in lost revenue, all because of obvious personal beliefs. He has no regrets, saying that equality for sexual orientation and identity is an “extremely new social norm that has come to our nation.”

A 35-year-old transgender man and nonbinary individual Charlie Comero is more upset and scared than anything. He said that he loved living in Charlotte, but this was outrageous. The absurd reasoning behind this act is to “protect women and children from rape.” It clear that Governor McCrory taking advantage of his position of power to set forth his subjective views, but making up excuses in order to seem like he’s looking out for the people. He’s blatantly transphobic and homophobic, and it no way is it wrong or hurting anyone to use the bathroom of your choice. Social progressiveness is not something to fear, and hopefully this law will be abolished soon.

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Hannah is a high school student from New Jersey who passionate about all things social justice. She loves music, animals, and traveling. She hopes to broaden her knowledge in intersectional feminism, politics, and journalism in general.


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