Black LGBT Are The Backbone of Black Liberation

Marsha P. Johnson

It seems in 2016 that black people are moving forward quicker than ever before. Pro blackness slowed down and nearly died out in the early 2000s because America had a cultural shift towards conservative views being more popular and widespread in media after Bush was elected. Standing up for your black people didn’t look like it was needed because we were being fed lies of equality, a post racial America, and racism being a dated concept that younger generations will never know of. Low and behold nothing had actually had been changing at all. Me of course I knew this, but every black person in the U.S didn’t until the widely publicized murders of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown woke America up. Thanks to activists on social media and in real life making noise the lesser woke black Americans began to realize things aren’t really that post racial after all, and black people have been coming together faster and stronger than I have ever seen combating racism, protecting and defending our culture from white people and non black people of color trying to claim it, and uniting on and off social media to raise extra awareness on what we face as black people.

The only downside. The only negative that seems to hold black people, specifically black men back is the views black men and women hold towards the LGBT community and how LGBT+ are either an abomination and they don’t agree with them or their way of life, or maybe they claim to accept “gays” they just don’t wanna see all that in their face. Either way its disheartening that our community fails to realize LGBT black women and men have actually been in your corner since day one. Bayard Rustin a black gay man was Dr Martin Luther Kings closest advisor, mentor, and personal secretary. Without this GAY man the 1963 march on Washington would have never have been organized in the first place, in order for Dr King to give his legendary “I Have A Dream” speech. Angela Davis, a queer woman who happens to be majority of your headers and profile pictures on various accounts was the leader of the Communist Party of America and strongly tied to the Black Panther Party. She changed the game for black women to be on the forefront of political movements in a time where male dominated “pro blackness” was at an all time high and women were expected to sit back and let the men do the fighting. Authors such as Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, Lorraine Hansberry, Langston Hughes, and Alice Walker are hailed as some of the greatest black writers of all time. They were all gay,are all revered and celebrated as making some of the finest pieces of literature studied in English courses in high schools and colleges across the globe. Black trans women like Miss Major and Marsha P. Johnson,who are known for paving the way for all trans women alike whilst still being vocal in their black rights, were game changers for all black activists and put the magnifying glass on the fact that black trans women have to deal with being black, a woman, and trans all in the same can of oppression soup.

Black people refusing to acknowledge how black LGBT are the backbone of our communities activist work are erasing years of history and passionate fighting for our people for what? An opinion. A traditional viewpoint that is rooted in ignorance and hatred and stems from Europeans (intolerance towards homosexuality did NOT come from anywhere in Africa) Its a bit hypocritical to fight so hard for black lives and equality and acceptance but then choose to say you don’t agree with LGBT. Black LGBT are and have always been the FIRST ones on the front line to fight for black people, because not only are they oppressed by the system in America for being black, but they receive hate from races all across the world for their sexuality or gender identity, so they know how it feels to be the complete bottom of the barrel, and that’s why they are always the fastest to fight for their people. LGBT black people don’t just magically stop being black because you don’t “agree with their lifestyle” They are still right there with you struggling just as much as cishet black people in America do. Your “black brothers and sisters” you preach about fighting for can be gay, lesbian, transgender or many other genders and sexualities. If you find yourself saying you are pro black, but also find yourself being homophobic or transphobic or even biphobic (yes. its a thing. to tell bisexual men they are just gay and not accept them or tell bisexual women they want male attention and are faking it and invaliding a scientifically proven and very natrual sexuality) then ask yourself, are you really pro black?



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