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‘RACISM’: A Society of Misunderstood Cultural Clashes


Cultural conflict is a type of conflict that occurs when different cultural values and beliefs clash. It has been used to explain violence and crime.


Black, white, Hispanic, Muslim… Everyone will tell you that there was a time in their life when they felt discriminated against. Too fat, too skinny, too black… We’ve all been there. Some have had it way worse than others- no argument there- but the realism of essence of attacking one another for dressing, saying or listening to certain music has become out of control. Racism is not the issue with appropriating culture or staying segregated in schools, the issue is a corrupted understanding each other and being culturally uneducated. As tormenting as it is to feel your skin or appearance is unwanted or incorrect, it is equally debilitating to be called prejudice or racist if you were never taught the essence of another culture. The real issue with society is not hate towards each other for not being each other, but instead just fear of the unknown.



It’s rhetorical but everyone seems to still not understand why racism is still such a huge issue within modern society. Racism is a very dark, deep concept- but realistically today’s society’s problem isn’t the same racism that allowed slavery or segregation; it’s a society that is so uneducated with cultural clash. Every teen feels the need to argue that they are misunderstood, and the only rational excuse to that seems to be because they are too much of their own culture. Since as long as anyone can remember, the entertainment industry has always had a Citizen Kane persona, and secret biased society. It steams from nothing other that the same thing that motivates Donald Trump to say he hates Muslims: green, dirty, greedy money. In EVERY society, there will ALWAYS be dirty cops, rich judges and grimy lawyers. OJ Simpson got away with murder years ago… if anyone forgot. We can’t change the small people and how they operate, but to allow those people to go out and buy a gun, or become a cop seems simply outrageous.



We’re all so scared to be titled a racist that we think back to the only root of racism we know, and that’s the same racism that occurred hundreds of years ago. It’s quite extreme to say that this all still exists, but we don’t even bother to experience what it is really like to walk in each other’s shoes… In a MODERN world.


Donald trump is another perfect example. Can we label a man RACIST, who thinks that the Muslim religion is an actual world issue? Yes of course we can. However, it is more logical to question his education. Trump supporters will be the first to tell you that what he is saying is moderately true… And it may be… But once you spring a fact on them like ” U.S. Muslims have the second-highest level of education among major religious groups in the country; Jews have the highest. And a greater proportion of them have college degrees than the general U.S. population.”(CNN: The Truth About Muslims in America)… They seem to not know how to respond. It isn’t that our society is so filled with hate and vendetta that we keep generating new laws and ways to make others feel unwanted- it really isn’t- rather our society is too uneducated with the concept of clashing cultures.


Trump himself is no venerable figure, because he never had to be. This is a person who was born into money and fame, so no wonder he lacks specific intelligence in many categories. Trump also thinks that building a wall around Mexico would help the immigration issue that seems to be slowly developing in the US. If he was educated enough to understand that building a wall is nothing but a statement to provoke his rivals, he would see that the real issue with Mexico is the living conditions- NOT the people. Immigrants, whether it’s in Syria or Mexico, don’t necessarily want to leave their homes. They just literally can’t stay or else they are in danger. It would take nothing but planning and funding, (actual politics); to try and advance Mexico’s living conditions instead of shutting them out. Not to mention that we need Mexico for a mass amount of trading and economics.

The barrier that is in the way of seeing the world in a light that isn’t “racist” but “uneducated” is streaming from things like social media. Facts are being mixed into fan-bases, and news sources are conveying rather biased messages- let’s not forget. Twitter is the new source of all things politics, and most of the Americans who are allowed to vote really don’t know what they are voting for. Obama was no middleman president, and it seems as if people are forgetting the legacy that he left. Politics shouldn’t be about race or culture, and even in the last decade, they weren’t. It was about education.



It’s scary; it really is, because our lack of knowledge with each other’s culture has society perceived as nothing but a bunch of racists. Every kid in every high school will face some sort of identity discrimination and feeling of absolute unfairness. It takes merely nothing at all to research what things in pop-culture actually mean. Whether it is something like The Black Panthers, or The Berlin Wall or even real politicians and what they have done to create the world we live in… it is all at the tips of our fingers. Understanding our own religion and beliefs seem hard enough, but the only way our own society will be able to break down our own wall around each culture is by not building one in the first place.

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