They say that all of this violence and all of these labels need to end. They say that these generalizations on all white people need to end, but isn’t that hypocritical? Because they were generalizing all blacks long before.

They love black culture. They want to say nigga and be a nigga and use niggas as props, but want to stay silenced when it comes to black lives matter? They instead want to argue that we need to stop? “I have black friends I’m not racist.” They want us to stop taking action while they go about their daily lives and do nothing besides tweet about how we need to be equal?

They say, stop these labels hanging from the tip of our tongues, plastered on to our bodies, and imbedded into our brains. They say, we are not defined by the color of our skin nor defined by our race and or races. They say, we are the human race as one.

They say, all lives matter. They say it as if black people don’t understand that all lives matter, but we do. We understand. We understand that all lives matter only at times when we are talking about black lives matter, because it seems that’s when we hear, all lives matter.

They say, black people are dividing this country by excluding everyone else who is non black. You see though, all of that is pure ignorance, because pro black does not mean anti white. Anti police brutality does not mean anti police.

They think that by saying, white people are privileged, we mean that they are all automatically rich, spoiled, and live the best lives. No, we mean the whiteness of their skin, holds them at an advantage.

The color of our skin cannot be ignored. We were divided way before any of this. And yet they want to pin it on us? They want to put all of this dividing on us for simply standing against this CHAOS that has come to be and never left?

Understand this: the color of our skin cannot be pushed aside for that’s how we are divided, divided as to who’s privileged and to who’s not. To who comes from the rich and to who comes from the poor. To who comes from the streets and who comes from the suburbs. To who comes from the church and who comes from the ghetto.

So no, we cannot use, we are all one, a human race, as a positive connotation to define us as a whole when the human race is the cause for these labels.

We cannot use all lives matter, when we are not being shown that our lives matter. Where is the justice that we have sought after for decades and decades? Where is it, because in the eyes of a young fifteen year old girl who lives scared for her father, scared for her sisters, scared for her brothers, and scared for this world, I am still not being shown that all lives matter.

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