071613bBillboard.02_t800_h1f543cb5e3c94253292422c1c532495f798d93b1Most of us are unable to comprehend the success behind a campaign like Donald trumps that is run so strongly on bigotry and all the prejudices that come along with it. Not to mention the rise in xenophobia, and now, allied troubles that include sexual harassment.



Fox News chief Roger Ailes was fired within an hour of the official Republican Party’s national convention on Monday. Ailes also took over a major position at the network that specifically covered modern conservatism, which completely rebuilt the Republican Party after the Bill Clinton era. Then came the victories at all levels, until now, the party’s ultimate ally is being terminated for sexual harassment. Immediately after he reinvented the party.

There is no way to conclude the divide that has been sprung across the Republicans throughout trumps campaign, but it one thing is for sure, there is a seemingly dark dismay over all the party’s troubles that has been building for decades and is still some how gaining praise. The most recent example being Aile’s lawsuit, and accusations filed by former host Gretchen Carlson, claiming Ailes sexually harassed her. Her claims came as no surprise. Other Fox star Bill O’Reilly faced his very own sexual harassment claim from a former associate producer back in 2004. It truly isn’t possible to write off a lawsuit like it used to be, and it seems that the network has a certain stigma against women. A similar stigma is found around Donald Trump. For 20 years, the Republican Party has not only blocked out the agenda of Barack Obama, but it has blocked immigration reform, fought against abortion clinics around the country and reduced welfare benefits. Moderate Republicans have been forced out of the party by tea-party hardliners who seem to be really interested in economic issues. And waging a relentless war on planned parenthood.

Let’s not forget about the diverse Sarah Palin, who stands beside Joni Ernst, the ultimate “feminist” who also opposes abortion and gay marriage. Or Marco Rubio and Susan Martinez who speak out frequently on their own experiences with being faced with bias accounts personally, but who don’t support policies that would ease these challenges for others. It’s all really straight forward with Trump though, and that’s what’s frightening. He really doesn’t know or care enough most logical conclusions about any of his policies’ outcomes.

“You have to treat them like shit.” – Donald Trump on women 


How could it be that the same party in which Donald trump is a mascot for be the same party that could sit in the same office as the beloved Barack Obama? Well, to break it down, the Republican Party has become accustomed to a certain kind of persona that is completely honest and readable- and that’s the scary part. This could easily mean that the white supremacy finally realized that the phrase in the Constitution, “all men are created equal,” could actually be true. Things are changing and being videotaped now, and this makes people really angry. Hence, “Make America Great Again.”

In this election, there is no poster-boy or girl. There is only vicious divide and competitiveness throughout policies as if it was all a sport match. This means pep-rally’s and foam fingers, and all that comes with it. Since when has anyone cared about the Republican National Convention anyway?

The future for politics has changed drastically, and has now driven voters to become much angrier and against each other. It all seems to be tied in knots by wannabe talk-show hosts and social media platforms that build a brand.

America is now picking and choosing its battle. This means limited actual wars, where the US finds itself playing by the rules, while the enemy exploits the rules, creates hideaways and launch international propaganda campaigns. Essentially, we know where the enemy is or was, but couldn’t kill them.

So we aim at each other. The real war that has the most effort in it is the war within America. Frustration with political correctness and trying to make everyone equal has become pessimistic. In North Carolina for example, a school board decided to stop naming valedictorians over the ‘unhealthy competition’, implying that it is not ok to work hard and succeed. This is everyone gets a medal culture, and winning is so glamorized and broadcasted everywhere. The conservative uprising now also receives support from other tea party groups, militias, racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, anti-immigration associations such as the Minutemen, and others.


Could America be headed into another Civil War? Has capitalism been traded for selective socialism? What people don’t seem to realize is that there is a vast majority of Americans who are pro-God and conservative, and they are a silent majority and minority has and never will succeed. Now that the military and common civilian is getting more fed up, it could only be a matter of time before the racism, police abuse, controversial social issues, and left vs. right demographics completely boil over. Differences and distinctions between people have only intensified. According to the Washington Post, Americans have been moving themselves across the country to live with like-minded people. We could easily blame the uprising on Trump, Or Palin, or even Clinton, but the real enemy in the equation seems to be each other. The best way to keep people from fighting the real enemy is in fact, to keep them fighting each other. Even those who have half an eye open, know that America has become an out-of-control puppet regime.



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