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Bisexual Celebrities: Stand up for Your Community

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Bisexuality has constantly been erased by the media and ignored by a large amount of the general population. The bisexual community has had few celebrity advocates to look to for guidance, but lately it seems as though the support has skyrocketed. Whether it be in response to recent LGBT+ tragedies or simply extending a helpful hand, the bisexual community is ever grateful to have more and more people on its side.

Stephanie Beatriz, a popular actress best known for her role as Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, recently came out to her followers on Twitter. She was very nonchalant about the entire ordeal, finding a way to come out in the means of merely a couple words and emojis. She didn’t attempt to make it into a publicity stunt; she treated it as if it was simply a new fact her fans were learning about her.

The way she did it? Well, as a matter of fact, she came out in reply to Aubrey Plaza’s coming out! Aubrey Plaza, a fellow actress who starred in hits such as Parks and Recreation and Dirty Grandpa, came out as bisexual a little over a week before Beatriz. In an interview with gay magazine The Advocate, Plaza admitted, “Girls are into me — that’s no secret. Hey, I’m into them too. I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.”

As happy as most of us are with the coming out of our favorite celebrities, there’s one question swarming many of our minds: why now? Well, Evan Rachel Wood says it’s time to be vocal about bisexuality. The True Blood actress stood her ground, stating, “I think because we’re usually erased, people just don’t have the information. … Erasure is causing people harm and diminishing self-esteem and putting people in harm’s way. It’s a real need. I want people to know that it’s ok, [bisexuality] is valid, and their stories matter.” Well said, Wood.

Bisexuality has always been erased and overlooked. Sometimes the LGBT+ community doesn’t even recognize bisexuality! Charlotte Dingle writes about her friend, who claims, “I was in charge of a bi stall at Pride once when someone came up and told me she didn’t believe in bisexuality.” The bisexual community is simply seen by many people as in between gay and lesbian, so many members of the community have received awful words such as “you’re just selfish” or “choose a side!” Having celebrities join the bisexuality community and stick up for it helps build its validity in the eyes of the public.

After all the bisexual community has been through, it is extraordinarily nice to see the outreach of kindness from fellow bisexual celebrities with large followings. When a celebrity teaches about their sexuality, it helps inform others and empower their fans. Celebrities sometimes don’t realize the impact they can truly make, and how talking openly about their sexuality—whether it be bisexual, gay, lesbian, etc.—can be a beacon of hope to their fans struggling with their own sexualities. 

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Brandi Hewitt is a high school senior who aspires to use journalism to reach a broad audience and educate people on political and sociocultural issues. She is passionate about women's rights and is an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. In her spare time she enjoys reading classic books, watching The X-Files, and playing the guitar.

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