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There’s Nothing Wrong With Using A Filter

Instagram Filters, April 2015 update
Instagram Filters, April 2015 update
Since the beginning of Instagram there has always been one thing the older generation, the fake deep “everything is wrong with our generation” younger people, and the paternalistic men of all ages seem to complain about, filters. I have seen people go on rants on social media and make Youtube videos about how filters are killing society and making it easier for women to lie to everyone and to deceive men into thinking they are prettier than they are. I have seen men go on tangents about how women using Snapchat filters with the little flower crown and dog ears pisses them off so much to the point that they literally want to harm women. I have seen people justify this by saying we are all tired of being lied to as well, and I have seen this new movement of people seeking praise and assuming superiority because they don’t edit their pictures and they call this generation “fake” for doing so. This is getting out of hand, and im here to tell you regardless of gender (or lack there of) there is nothing wrong with using a fucking filter on a selfie.

Just speaking from my own experience as a model I can say retouching is somewhat therapeutic. After long hours of standing under hot lights with makeup caked on your skin and an itchy wig terrorizing your scalp, when you finally see those finalized images its a mixture of relief and satisfaction. Slightly retouched, lighting tweaked to perfection, a little Photoshop but not so much that you look unrecognizable is a self esteem booster, and I feel the same can apply to using filters on your selfies. I know of many people who say when they are feeling down and out that all it takes is to snap a selfie and put a simple filter on it for them to feel better about themselves. Adding a little retouching and lighting to a personally taken picture can be a massage to your confidence and a solution to insecurities, and that is why I am so here for filters and will always be. Filters are harmless and are not different than little kids putting wacky stickers and frames on their selfies like how we all did back in our MySpace days, and there is absolutely no reason to be so extra and fake upset about something so small and beneficial to people (especially people with self esteem issues).

I have lived through the rise of social media and I have seen many trends come and go, and I have always seen people young and old alike complain about things that nobody has a real reason to complain about. With filters and retouching, I feel because mostly (not all, but mostly) women do this to their selfies is the reason why this anti picture editing movement is going so strong. Society despises the idea of women getting joy from anything, and I have seen people go out their way to demonize everything that makes a woman happy, and seeing is adding a filter on your pictures is confidence boost makes it all the more fuel for people to tear it all down and pretend something so small is such a huge issue. What’s confusing to me is how people are so mesmerized by their favorite celebrity when they drop the latest heavily retouched photo shoot for a magazine or interview on a website, yet will bark at normal people who do the exact same thing to their selfies. In closing I will say this, much like hair, makeup, clothes, and shoes, people do not put filters on their selfies for you, they do it for their own liking. I understand a lot of you are very miserable with your own lives and I am sorry for that, but just because you have a shitty life doesn’t mean you have to deny everyone the joy they get in small things like seeing themselves look cute in a selfie. Keep using filters. Keep removing those small pimples, acne scars, discoloration spots, and embarrassing blemishes. Keep retouching your pictures because if it makes YOU happy and makes YOU feel better about YOURSELF then nothing any fake deep “everything is wrong with millennials” cynical asshole will say about it should take you down.

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