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Apple announces equal pay for all

imageApple is making big strides in 2016. From reported major changes to the new iPhone that will go on sale this September to making political statements via emoji updates that will be included in iOS 10, the company is working hard to be progressive. While these alterations are mostly symbolic, they are also working hard behind the scenes to take more concrete steps in showing the world their true values.

In a world and an industry that is dominated by white males, Apple has recently announced that they now pay employees of various demographics equally for similar roles and performance. Men, women, and people of all races are now on a level playing field when it comes to wages, and Apple is taking their initiative a step further by working to hire more women and people of color. According to CNN, just two years ago minorities made up 21 percent of Apple’s new hires and today that number is up by six percent.

Studies show that diversity in the workplace increases productivity and creativity, which are very important to this business being that it is one of the biggest technology agencies in the world to date. Even with this knowledge, there was some resistance on Apple’s board and senior management, as well as with their investors, none of whom were as enthusiastic as the CEO Tim Cook who stated that diversity is a “readily solvable issue.” This past March, investors voted down the proposal while the board, which remains comprised mostly of white males, called it “unduly burdensome and not necessary”. Despite this, Apple looks to further diversify its staff and treat all its employees — of various backgrounds — the same. “Women earn one dollar for every dollar male employees earn. And underrepresented minorities earn one dollar for every dollar white employees earn,” reads the Apple report.

In a country where the lack of positive representation of minorities and wage gaps are a constant topic of discussion, it is past due time that a major market force takes the initiative to break from the status quo. This will help create a more positive image of Apple for consumers, who will then feel more inclined to support a company that better represents them and their values. In addition to this, the changes could also spur more ingenuity and efficiency within the teams that create and market Apple’s products, which would also contribute to better sales. As one of the most cutting edge businesses in the world today, Apple is setting a good example and in doing so, they are helping to create a brighter future for all.

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