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How Donald Trump’s Harmful Views On Immigration And Mental Illness Affects Us All

I don’t think many people (especially people who support trump) realize what it would actually look like if Donald Trump is elected as president. Donald Trump wants to deport around 11 million people. 11 million people is a lot of people, and by a lot of people I mean the populations of New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, and Seattle combined. For those who don’t remember anything from their history classes, we have forcibly removed people from the United States before. In the 1800’s, we had the trail of tears. In the 1900’s, we had the Japanese internment, and neither of those events are regarded or viewed in a positive light whatsoever.

The United States would need to deploy the army into the states. Instead of soldiers doing their jobs that are apparently so “important”, they’d have to march through city after city, rounding people up and taking them off to holding centers where they would in turn have to wait for days, weeks, or possibly months before being shipped off across the border. Some would have to be sent overseas on planes, others on boats, some on buses or trains. Do you know just how much money this would cost? 500,000,000,000 dollars – half a trillion U.S dollars that, undoubtedly, would not solve the problem & would put the United States in even more debt and would only further our (very long) reputation of being a tyrant.

Donald trump advocates for and supports forced institutionalizing of mentally ill people which is a crime and a violation of their rights, and this means that he also supports forcefully medicating people with mental illness. Plus – he believes in the idea that mass shootings and other violent crimes are caused by mental illness. The right of bodily autonomy is a really basic and important point. Mention the fact that forced medication is due to the idea that mentally ill people are violent and dangerous, but cite the APA’s studies on how mental illness and violence rarely coincide and tie that back into ableism and demonization of mental illness.

The fact that people have many reasons for going off medication – whether its due to side effects, religious beliefs, if they are pregnant/nursing, etc – it’s not always as simple as “Well I just don’t want to!” and it isn’t up to other people to decide if their reasons are valid. Legislation that forces mentally ill people to be medicated also opens precedent for people with mental illness to be forcefully institutionalized – which is a violation of human rights. There are other treatment options besides medication, not everybody responds well to medication. But of course, not all mental disorders can be medicated.

Donald trump has also said before that gun violence is caused by the mentally ill, that people with mental illness shouldn’t be allowed to have guns and that they should be forcefully hospitalized to keep them from using guns – but everybody else gets to have as many guns as they want with no problem/no limitations. Which means, the people who are actually going into schools and shooting kids get to have hundreds of guns if they want to and the “scary mentally ill people”, you know, the ones who statistically commit far less crime and far less violent crime than people without mental illness and the ones who are more likely to be assaulted or murdered by the people carrying all of those semi-automatic weapons are going to be left defenseless.

If this man gets put in office, there are going to be so many people in this country who will be directly put in harms way or who will be met with direct violence. I don’t care if you’re against “illegal immigrants”, that isn’t an excuse to sacrifice your country and hand it over to a potential dictator. if you vote for trump, you’re voting for a tyrant.

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Rihanna Martin
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Journalist & Poet.

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