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Another Day, Another School Shooting

Photo via Alpine Avalanche

Photo via Alpine Avalanche

Word has been released that there was a school shooting at Alpine High School in western Texas today. Two people were wounded, and the shooter shot herself in the bathroom amidst all the chaos. We don’t know much more about this incident as of yet, as not many details have been released, but what we do know is there has been another school shooting. Two more people have been injured, one is dead, and countless more will be scarred for life. How many deaths will be too many in this country? How many people have to be injured or killed in public shootings like these, before safety measures are taken?

There have been over 180 school shootings since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December of 2012. That’s close to one gunshot on a school campus per week. Why are the American people settling for this injustice? It seems that every time there’s a new incident surrounding gun violence, we all bow our heads in a moment of silence, ponder the question of gun control for a few days, maybe even weeks, then move on with life. This cycle of tragedy followed by stagnancy needs to come to an end.
This incident might not make mainstream media. School shootings happen far too often, and can be much deadlier than this. However, as you think about the hundreds of students crying in their classrooms this morning, the innocent woman in the hospital, and the scar left on every resident of this small town in Texas, let this incident serve as a reminder to never stop speaking on the need for gun control in the USA. School shootings have become a sad reality in the United States, and action has to be taken. The cries for change should be heard all the time until a solution has been found. Don’t wait for another person to die because of loose gun laws in this country.

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17 years old, senior in high school, wandering around in Michigan.

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