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No One Has To Go Through Anything Alone

There’s this girl I know who I used to think of as really shy. She was subtle when it came to speaking up, but she had these thoughts and every word of these thoughts had an exclamation point. Oh how I wish she would yell them out so people would get an idea, a believable experience of what it’s truly like to have voices in your mind. Voices that dictate your actions, relations, overall communication (verbal or non-verbal), and facial expressions. Giving it a definition, they are voices who sound exactly like you. They are reflections of your past and future self. Why didn’t I mention the present self? Because there is no present, as the voices dictated. Give them a second, they’ll explain it: There is no present because every second is a fleeting moment that becomes the past and the next second is the future, but only for a second. Therefore, the voices don’t believe in a present.

There’s this girl I know who I used to think of as confident. The way she moved her body as if she was in sync to the music playing inside her head. She was so expressive in her movements, but she had secrets between her and her body so that only they knew them. Oh how I wish she would be honest so people could get it straight and understand the concept of what it’s truly like to see one’s body in a distorted light. Visions of misshaped and misplaced features and undefined curves and bridges are more than insecurity; it’s looking in the mirror and “fixing” what you see or just avoiding them entirely. However, mirrors are not reflections of a person’s qualities that are skin deep, but reflections of their definition of beautiful or handsome or perfect. Mirror reflections are not our own reflections.

This girl I knew, she had it all. If only she had had as much people in her life as much as she went through, maybe she wouldn’t still have her visions or hear the voices. Maybe you wouldn’t have been thinking about her while you read this.

Mental disorders are unfortunately common within most people these days and just like in the poem above, they can go by unnoticed by ourselves and/or by others. It is greatly important though that we do notice these disorders and seek help immediately.

“What if I don’t know all the disorders and their symptoms?” Then get yourself educated. Awareness is the first step in overcoming conditions. Just by simply knowing the symptoms, triggers, causes, and effects, you could help save a life; not just in terms of living, but in terms of happiness, willpower, sociability, positivity, and overall well-being of a person as well.

I’m asking YOU. Yes, YOU, to help these people overcome this road block in life and know that, as cliche as it may sound, it does get better because I’m tired of losing wonderful people to these battles and challenges that they faced. No one has to go through anything alone. A simple conversation, a smile, a wave, or anything to let these people know someone cares about them will do so much in the long run.

If you’re going through anything, it’s crucial that you know that you are not your disorder. You are not what you think is wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. You are important. You have a purpose. You are special in the best ways. If someone tells you otherwise, they probably don’t know what they are talking about because it’s up to you to share your story and help others to be more educated so that the people with the same disorder can find closeness and comfort in knowing that they can get through it because you got through it. Anyone can get through anything. If you feel like you can’t, my DMs are always open on Twitter so feel free to slide into them, my email is always free, my Snapchat is open to everyone, or you can comment on this post. Send me a message anytime about anything, I care about what happens to you. I care about how your day went. I care about the grade you got on a test today. I care about your new favorite song. I care about you no matter who you are.

Spread some positivity and smile.

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Gabrielle Mendoza
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gabby is a 16 year old writer and occasional musician. gabby is probably interested in the same TV show, music, movie, video game or artist as you are. knock knock. who's there?

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