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Stop the Hype: White Girls aren’t “Evolving”


Photo via Taylor Swift Vevo

If you’ve been on Twitter at all recently, you’ve been seeing the plethora of videos of teenage girls dancing to popular rap songs, seemingly always in a volleyball uniform. Now, under normal circumstances, there would be nothing particularly annoying about these tweets. I’m not one to object to people doing what they feel like doing. Dancing is fun, if you want to dance, do it! Not gonna hear any complaints from me. However, many people have been taking offense to these tweets. Not necessarily the videos themselves, but the captions accompanying them.

“White girls are evolving!”
“White girls taking over!”
“Get you a snow bunny!”

Frankly, it’s gone way too far. There’s been so many tweets posted recently, there’s even a twitter page dedicated to the “white girl goals,” @TheRealSnowGang.


Now, there’s multiple reasons that this isn’t okay. For one, why are we singling out white girls? Many other girls of many other races have done the same dances, sometimes executed better, but we don’t see their tweets being retweeted tens of thousands of times, reposted on multiple accounts, and praised based solely on their race. They’re talented dancers, and we see them as that. So why do we have talented dancers, then talented white girls who dance? It’s not like white girls need more representation than they are currently getting. It’s no secret that white women are represented better than any other race, in all forms of media. There’s no reason they need any extra recognition.


Also, they’re being recognized for things that don’t belong to them. Let’s not forget that while we’re worshipping these white girls for hitting a decent whip, they’re imitating black culture. This music, and the dances that have been created as a result, have been created by people of color. But as soon as a white girl in spandex posts a video on Twitter, she’s “taking over!” All a white girl has to do is post a 30 second video dancing, and suddenly she’s surpassing the group of people who created said dance. When you worship a white girl for imitating black culture, you’re erasing the origin of the custom, and not giving credit to the culture responsible. Not only is it disrespectful, it’s oppressing.


White girls are not evolving, or taking over. They’re dancing to music that thousands of other people are also dancing to, and imitating black culture. There’s absolutely nothing special about it, and it’s imperative that we stop praising them like their dances are original or better than anyone elses.

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Sam Boyce
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17 years old, senior in high school, wandering around in Michigan.


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