Free Bresha Meadows: 15 Year Old on Trial for Killing Abusive Father

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Trigger Warning; physical abuse/violence

Bresha Meadows, a 15 year old girl from Ohio, is currently in a juvenile detention center for shooting her abusive father in the head on July 28th while he was sleeping. She has been charged with aggravated murder, but denied the charges against her.

According to Meadows herself and numerous family members, her father had been incredibly abusive all her life, and using drugs and drinking excessively, which only worsened the abuse. Bresha’s mother had even filed a protective order against her husband in 2011 that she later dismissed when the couple decided to work out their differences. However, the repeal of the order did not mean an end to the abuse. Bresha’s father beat her mother frequently, and while he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he sometimes left her unconscious. The gun Meadows used to shoot her father was the same weapon he had threatened to use on his family on multiple occasions. Bresha’s attorney said that she lived in fear, hiding in her bedroom all the time, after witnessing the horrific things her father had done to her mother. Bresha had even attempted to run away last summer, not being able to take the violence she was seeing in her home, performed by her own father. Bresha, as a victim of domestic violence, acted in self defense, and therefore should not be tried for murder. Over 15,000 individuals have signed a petition in order to free Bresha Meadows from the juvenile detention center that she is currently placed.

Please, stand behind Bresha and take a stand for the injustice she is facing. She did what was needed in order to keep herself and her family safe, from a man who had been mistreating them their entire lives. As a victim of domestic violence, she should not be punished for acting in self defense, in order to get out of a toxic living situation. Please sign the petition to FREE Bresha Meadows, and prevent her from being incarcerated for protecting herself and her family from the abuse they had been enduring for far too long.

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