In recent news, another one of Donald J. Trump’s “bright” moments has surfaced. This time it’s a leaked conversation between the presidential candidate and Today’s own Billy Bush, both gentleman talk crudely about women, and Trump at one point references to grabbing a woman by “her pussy.”

I would like to start off by saying that I am not a fan of either candidate and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I was disgusted by these comments, as most of you are I’m sure, and so, I decided to ask Trump supporters how they felt about their choice candidate’s comments, and if they’ll still be voting for him after hearing what he had to say about their own gender or that of their siblings, wives, girlfriends, or mothers. (side note: I will not be relaying the full names of the contributors as I don’t feel that is appropriate or necessary.)

I knew exactly what I was walking into when I decided to write a piece about this, and needless to say I was not at all surprised. To start off, I went to the place where all obnoxious political opinions inhabit, ah yes, to Facebook I went. I posted a status on my timeline:

“OPEN TO ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS, I NEED YOUR INPUT; I’ll be writing an article about Trump’s leaked conversation and I have a question for all the Trump Supporters out there. To the women: after hearing how Trump talked about us and our gender, do you still support him? If yes, I’ll need an explanation. To the men: after hearing what Trump had to say about women, do you feel comfortable supporting a man who says such things about women when you have a sister, a girlfriend, or a wife? If yes, I’ll need an explanation. THANKS GUYS.”

And so I waited. The replies came quickly: first from Joanne, my friend’s mother. Joanne said something I had heard from many other Trump supporters when the news broke earlier this week,

“What [Donald] said in a private conversation with another man is just that. A private conversation. Most men and a lot of women talk this way about the opposite sex.”

She goes on to explain how Trump and Bush’s conversation didn’t bother her, and that she is still going to vote for him because she feels we need a “business man to fix the mess that has been made over the years.” She believes that everyone makes mistakes, which is very true as nobody is perfect. The next reply came from Ruth, a high school student, who didn’t completely support Trump’s comments saying that when talking to her guy friends about girls “we don’t/haven’t said anything along those lines…” But come election day, Ruth will still support Trump because she believes,

“…no matter what he has to say, it’s still infinitesimally less illegal than the things Hillary has done.”

The final reply came from Daniel, a freshman at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Daniel agreed with Ruth’s claims that the Donald Trump’s comments were “unprofessional and crude,” but he doesn’t think Trump’s comments overshadow Hillary’s actions, supporting his opinion with the multifaceted cliché, “actions speak louder than words.” Daniel is comfortable continuing to support Trump because he feels that our society has since grown tired of the politically correct culture and that’s how Trump has made it so far in his candidacy,

“…while his comments are crude, just remember Trump’s a talker. He’s never actually acted on his crazy comments and those who take him seriously really need to reconsider everything he’s said during the race.”

Donald Trump has very loyal supporters. It is hard for people to separate their feelings from their better judgement, but in a situation such as this, feelings and better judgement go hand-in-hand. As a country, if we allow the potential future president to push women back into the private-sphere with his comments, and possible future actions, we are not doing our nation justice, we are setting our nation back hundreds of years. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the women of the suffrage movement did not risk their lives for us to allow a rich man to degrade us privately or publicly. By allowing Donald Trump to dismiss important questions about our nation but directly answer questions about his relationships with women, we are voluntarily silencing ourselves and letting this man win. Hillary Clinton is not the golden child either; we, as a nation, have a right to be weary of a candidate who deleted 33,000 emails and then lied about their content. We have a right to fear a candidate that unnecessarily caused the death of American soldiers. Both candidates have their faults, but would Trump fans stand by their statements if this was Hillary degrading men?

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