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H&M Is Saving The Planet While the Rest of the World Still Refuses to Believe Climate Change Exist

The world crisis that has seemed to be completely mocked and demeaned by presidential candidate Donald Trump and his Republican Party, is now going to be saved by H&M long sleeve sweaters, T-shirts, tights, trousers and pyjamas.


The multi-billion-dollar company released a statement regarding its new collection on Monday, and how its new ‘organic cotton based’ collection for Autumn 2016 will, “inspire people all over the world to care for our planet.” A whopping 10% of the sales price of the collection will support WWF’s work in conserving species at risk. Founded in 1947, H&M is now worth $60.8 billion dollars, according to Forbes Biggest Public Companies list.  This project is targeted at threats like habitat loss, water pollution and the impact of climate change. The company partnered with WWF in 2011 and has now been extended an additional five years.

In the statement, H&M claims that its collection will focus on strategic dialogue related to both H&M’s and the fashion industry’s broader sustainability challenges. For example, some of their items will include inspiring messages like “Protect my habitat” or “Let’s go wild!”.

Just when the efforts to save the environment from our own politicians seemed satirical enough, it seems that the rest of the world is still refusing to take the crisis seriously. Climate change is defined as the increase of extreme weather events, including intense hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons. Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Atlantic storm since 2007, is currently facing its own crisis that cost amongst $120M in aid and damage. Meanwhile, countries like France are experiencing sea levels that hit a new all-time low. Europe has seen a 60% increase in extreme weather events. The evidence that climate change is indeed a real crisis is what most have been experiencing with floods, droughts, intense storms, heat waves and wildfires.

Robert Watson, the former chair of the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a paper titled, “The Truth About Climate Change.” Him and his group of scientists say that “current pledges… are far from sufficient to put the world on a pathway to meet the 2 degrees C target,” while adding, “the 1.5 degrees C target has almost certainly already been missed because of the lack of action to stop the increase in global GHG emissions for the last 20 years.” Another perspective on the climate control crisis steams from the root of all evil – the civil war in Syria. Scientists at the University of California, believe that the persistent drought there has influenced warming trends since 1980, and has elevated a risk to Africa by 11 percent. If you think about the mobilization that went on during WWII to further that thought, people were more than able to build weaponry and industrials at a vast pace. So yes, we could indeed build enough solar panels and wind turbines, but it is all about where our focuses are directed.

Trump seems to be the only political leader, ever, who will not accept that the world is warming. It seems that the only company or campaign that wants to support the crisis is the company that wants you to buy their product, and keep 90% of the profit. Climate Change is indeed real, and should play more of an impact on American Politics, rather than being featured in another exploited clothing campaign. solve-problems-einstein-quotes-e1450713420833

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