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Recently rapper Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab to seek treatment for depression and suicidal urges. He spoke about his battle with mental illness and decided that checking himself in would be best for both himself and the people around him. Last month, Cudi lashed out at Kanye West and Drake for not working with him.

For anyone who is suffering or has suffered from depression, they’ll understand that those types of behaviors are sometimes side effects of the illness. Kid Cudi’s openness out his mental health definitely touched the hearts of hip-hop fans and Cudi fans nationally, however, Drake decided that Cudi’s battle with mental illness was something to poke fun at in his new song, “Two Birds, One Stone”.

The rapper uses Cudi’s outspokenness about his depression to fuel the flame in what is apparently a diss track. He says,

 “You were, “The Man on the Moon,” now you just go through your phases. Life of the angry and famous.”

For Drake, a seriously influential member of the hip-hop community, to take something such as mental illness as a joke speaks volumes as to why people would rather hide their illness than to actively seek help and acceptance. Depression is not a phase and the emotions experienced by people who suffer from it are not limited to anger. These kind of ideas are exactly why there is a negative stigma placed on mental illnesses. Those who deal with them on a daily basis are labeled crazy, weak, or attention-seeking and that is not the case. Mental illnesses should never be used as canon fodder in a nonexistent feud. Mental illness is a fragile topic in the black community and Drake isn’t making the discussion any better by mocking someone who is actively seeking help.

Thankfully, the reception to these harmful lyrics has been leaning in Cudi’s favor; with Drake fans understanding that no matter how good the beat is for the song, “Two Birds, One Stone” is incredibly inappropriate and demeaning. You can’t turn something as serious and life-threatening as suicide and depression into a meme. What makes this situation worse (besides Drake’s carelessness) is that Drake tried to diss Cudi using an album that is better than his entire discography.


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Epiphany Jones is an 18-year-old black girl who hopes to one day become a successful author of her own collection of short stories. In her free time, she likes eating authentic Indian food and binge watching old Brendan Fraser movies. Her likes include Marvel comics and Britney Spears. Her dislikes? The institutionalized hatred for black people worldwide and the color green. Pronouns: she/they Sexuality: Grey-Romantic Pansexual and proud


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