How The Rising Cost Of Obamacare Could Help Trump Win The Election

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ObamaCare had a lot of problems back when it, after many back and forths, launched in 2014. It faced an immense amount of criticism from Republicans, and most notably the website crashed and would load for many of the people trying to apply for health insurance. Also, remember the government shut-down in 2013? Well, that was because Republicans were trying to stop the budget that contained the funding for ObamaCare. After a while, the website got up and was successful. In February of 2016, The percentage of uninsured was at an all-time low of 8.6% for the entire country, and the number of people enrolled in Obama care was about 12.7 million.

However, the problems with C aren’t only a thing of the past. The Obama Administration announced on Monday that the premiums for Obama care would rise by an average of 22% next year, taking us all back to a couple of years ago when the ObamaCare debate was at its peak. This time it might not only cast a negative light on the Obama administration… it could also hurt Hillary Clinton in her race for the White House.

In Arizona, which is a state on which the Clinton Campaign has been focusing recently due to Donald Trump’s lagging in the Polls, the cost of ObamaCare is increasing as well. Clinton winning the traditionally Republican Arizona would be a major victory for her campaign and a huge blow to Donald Trump’s. The fact that the costs of ObamaCare’s benchmark plans will increase with an average of 116% in Arizona during 2017 might set a stop to her success in the state. Even though subsidies are increasing as well and can help keep the cost down, just the fact that the premiums will increase by 116% is a big issue. It fits right into Trump’s rhetoric of how ObamaCare is a disaster and that he needs to win since he is the only one that can fix the broken system. ObamaCare’s rising premiums could be what saves Trump from losing Arizona, and perhaps the presidency.

Furthermore, the rising costs will also affect Pennsylvania, which is a battleground state that Donald Trump needs to win to secure the Presidency. There the price of ObamaCare will increase with 33%, excluding subsidies. Possibly helping Trump catch up to Clinton, who is currently ahead of Trump by about 5%. 

To continue, ObamaCare is one of the Obama administration’s biggest talking points and is one of the issues that define Obama’s presidency and has, become a central part of the Democratic party. Since ObamaCare is so strongly associated with the Democratic party, the failures of ObamaCare become the failures of the Democratic party. Considering that Hillary Clinton is a supporter of ObamaCare and the Democratic nominee, she is going to be associated with these latest difficulties.

The rising cost of ObamaCare combined with some strategic campaigning, low voting participation from Democratic supporters, and Trump bringing his A-game in the last week of the election might be enough to put him in the White House.

The problem for Hillary Clinton isn’t that many people will be affected by the increasing premiums, but more so that almost everyone will have heard about them. The ObamaCare problems and the recent developments in the seemingly never-ending story of Hillary Clinton’s emails might be able to tighten the presidential race once again. The Trump Campaign must be celebrating the fact that they now have more examples of how the “corrupt” government is failing its citizens, and that there is a need for change, and change is something that Trump can bring.



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