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10 Feminist Halloween Costume Ideas

Who doesn’t want to become their favorite celebrity or character for one night? Here are ten easy Halloween costume ideas that feminists in particular could appreciate.

#1 – Rosie the Riveter

The most classic costume on this list, Rosie the Riveter represented women in America who worked in shipyards and factories during World War II. All you need is a denim shirt and a bandana, with “We Can Do It” as your Instagram caption.

#2 – Leslie Knope

The protagonist of NBC’s Parks and Recreation can be recognized anywhere. Knope is TV’s favorite politician at the moment. For this look, a blazer, blonde wig, and a “Vote Knope” pin are essentials. You could even turn this into a couple’s costume, with your guy as Ben Wyatt or your girl as Ann Perkins.

#3 – White Tears

This woman’s costume went viral online last year and came back a few weeks ago. Dressed in all black with tear-drop shaped construction paper, her ‘white tears’ outfit was completed by adding common phrases of people who deny white privilege and preach, “All Lives Matter.”

#4 – Jessica Day

We all love the quirky and fun ‘New Girl’ lead portrayed by Zooey Deschanel, and dressing up as her is fairly easily. Curl your hair, purchase a pair of big black-framed glasses, and wear a red dress (or recreate your favorite Jess outfit). For an added touch, get a bronze oval mirror frame and write “Jess” on a piece on paper and stick it to the bottom.

#5 – Tina Belcher

Tumblr’s most cherished animated character can be recreated in just a few simple steps. Grab a yellow beret, blue t-shirt and skirt, with knee high socks and black converse. Don’t forget to speak in a monotone voice and express your love for boy bands and fan fiction that day!

#6 – Hermione

Growing up with the Harry Potter books and movies, almost every girl wanted to be Hermione Granger. With her quick wit and intelligence beyond compare, she is a classic feminist icon. You can buy this costume from Walmart, Party City, Amazon, etc., and remember to make your hair huge and disheveled.

#7 – Britney Spears

For this look, it may take some time to find every item needed, but I think the finished product would be worth it. This picture of Britney Spears sporting a “Dump Him” tee in the early 2000’s is one of my favorites. You will need Abercrombie & Fitch sweatpants, a fringe purse, a mustard fur coat, a blue hat, a Starbucks cup, pigtails, and of course, the blue shirt. While the original shirt cannot be found, you can get a similar one on Redbubble.

#8 – Cat Calling

This costume will get people laughing but also thinking about the act of cat calling. To achieve this get-up, dress up as cat and you could either attach printed out pictures of telephones to yourself or pretend you’re talking on the phone.

#9 – Ali Wong

Known for her work as on ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ and Netflix stand-up special ‘Baby Cobra,’ Ali is predicted to be the next big thing. She defies stereotypes and displays representation as a female, Asian-American comedian and writer, who continues to thrive right after the birth of her first child. She talks about her sex life and dark events in her past while seven months pregnant in her Netflix special. To look like her this Halloween, you will need a black and white dress, red flats and glasses, and the huge baby bump!

#10 – Beyoncé

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look and feel like Beyoncé for a day, especially in the ‘Hold Up’ music video. She looked powerful but elegant roaming around the street and bashing everything in sight with her baseball bat. To reinvent Beyoncé’s ensemble, you will need long, crimped hair, a mustard colored dress (the more frilly, the better), nude flats or no shoes at all, and a baseball bat of course.

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Hannah is a high school student from New Jersey who passionate about all things social justice. She loves music, animals, and traveling. She hopes to broaden her knowledge in intersectional feminism, politics, and journalism in general.

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