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She Doesn’t Deserve Your Vote, But She Deserves Your Respect

Come November 8th, Americans will have to vote for the worst candidates in all of American history. They have Donald Trump as one option, who continues his racist, sexist, disgusting rhetoric still believing it is enough to win him the White House. They also have Hillary Clinton as their other option who, if elected, will make history and become America’s first female president. While that sounds amazing, Hillary Clinton has so much going against her in this election. While I feel bad for Americans because of their limited and less-than-stellar choices, I want to remind people that although Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve your vote (I personally believe you should go third party and vote for Jill Stein), Hillary Clinton deserves your and my respect.

Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of a typical Washington Senator. She says what she has to to get elected, which includes being a ‘feminist’. She says she is a feminist but has only hurt women and feminism by doing things like attacking sexual assaults victims who come forward with their stories against her husband and viciously attacking a 12-year-old rape victim. She is very wish-washy about many issues including illegal immigration where she has said that children who cross the border should be sent back and her crucial vote in the Iraq war.

Hillary Clinton is one of the worst choices that America could have for president, but with that being said, she still deserves the world’s respect as a leader, as a woman, and as a human being.

Some may argue that she doesn’t deserve respect because of all the horrendous and disastrous things she has done- and they have a point- but Hillary Clinton is a woman in politics. Being a woman in the workplace is hard with the many challenges we face like gender discrimination, wage gaps, and harassment to name a few. Hillary Clinton has tirelessly worked to be treated fairly since she entered politics. She has faced everything I listed and more. She has represented ambitious women’s struggles for decades and I think she should be praised for that, no way am I condoning the wrong she has done. For all the things she has done before and the rest of it, she should be punished for it no questions asked, but we as a society should at least give her respect, not for war for love or love of saying she is a feminist but doing everything against and opposite of feminism, but for her continuing effort in aiming high for women by showing them they can be president and leader of the world.



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