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You’re Allowed To Feel Your Emotions




A person can feel a lot of discomfort when they think about something that they don’t necessarily want to think about. When an emotion is felt over and over again for long periods of time, it can start to feel invalid to the person experiencing it. I think emotions feel less important to someone when they are their own. In my opinion, people are naturally inclined to want to help others. Wanting to help yourself is another story, which is also a much harder story to write. Suppressing our emotions, rather than dealing with them, is a universal language that we have to unlearn. Everyone rushes to help others, but when it comes to ourselves – we stop in our tracks.

I wanted to write this article so that I could shed light on the importance of taking care of your own emotions. Instead of degrading and repremanding yourself for feeling, try your best to accept it. Recurring feelings are the worst kind. Some say those feelings never even left, instead they’ve just been suppressed so much that they’ve momentarily left the surface of consciousness.

You have to accept a feeling before there is any hope of it going away.

You can try to hide from your emotions, but they always find out where you’re hiding quicker than you can think of a place to run. Dodging emotions, instead of facing them head on, is something easy to do, which is why most people do it. Unfortunately, it’s also the worst possible thing you can do. Suppressed emotions are a force to be reckoned with. They have a way of feeding into every aspect of your life. Suppressed emotions can jump out you at any point in time, and usually at the most inconvenient time. The more suppressed the emotion is, the worse the backlash will be. Try not to suppress your emotions because it can come back to hurt you in the long run.

I think some humans are afraid to feel. We’re afraid that feeling makes us more vulnerable, thus making us weaker. In my opinion, it’s actually the total opposite. Loving without thinking about being loved back is the bravest thing you can do. If you miss someone so much that your bones ache every time you see them then you’re as strong as they come. The point is that our own emotions mean just as much as other people’s emotions. It’s okay to let yourself cry. It’s okay to scream at the top of your lungs. It’s okay to love recklessly. Feeling is a wonderful thing.

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Julia Guidi
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Hi! My name is Julia & I'm 16. I'm from Massachusetts and I'm a junior in highschool. I am beyond excited to be writing for Affinity! A little about me; I love to sing, act, write and be in musicals. I also play guitar which I love. I am extremely passionate about intersectional feminism & mental health:)

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