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Having A Daughter But Still Supporting Trump is Contradictory

To the Trump supporters whom have daughters, how can you live with yourself knowing that the man you helped to elect is the man who is making it okay for the sexual assault of your child to be…acceptable? Or is calling women like your daughter ugly, or disgusting, or just a good ol’ piece of ass. You can support this man and have a daughter. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

By voting for Donald Trump, you are contributing to the defunding of Planned Parenthood, a trusted healthcare organization that provides birth control, abortion appointments, sex education, STD testing and treatment, and screening for cervical and other types of cancers. With Trump’s election, you daughter will most likely be misinformed about sex, and consensual relationships; will not have a confidential outlet to receive help from; will not have easy access to condoms or birth control to prevent an unwanted pregnancy; will not have a guaranteed safe and legal abortion if need be; will not have was access to health insurance when the time comes when you can no longer support them.

By voting for Donald Trump, you’re saying that rape is okay, and that men who are rapists should still be able to remain in their field of work, or better yet, run a fucking country. One of my good friends described it perfectly today, “GUYS like Donald Trump, create BOYS like Brock Turner,” and you’re saying that you’re okay with that, parents? If you haven’t been informed, which is completely your fault because you should probably investigate the claims made about the candidate you’re voting for, Donald J. Trump has been accused of raping a 13 year-old girl repeatedly in 1994. Similar to most rape victims, Trump’s victim chose to remain anonymous, because when have our nation’s women EVER felt comfortable or been met with respect and understanding after sharing a horrific event such as a rape? Is Donald being met with a court date? Yes, but it comes in December, and as you know, it’s only November and he’s already been elected president our of country. So parents, when you vote for this person, you are acknowledging that rapists exist but you’re choosing not to punish them for their actions. You’re letting them know that it’s okay that they act out or don’t listen when things don’t go their way. You’re basically saying that although you love your daughters, you still think a rapist is a more viable role model than a role model of their gender accused of hiding emails. The word “No” is an important thing to understand as POTUS, or basically, any human being really. You’re saying that you want to back someone who may influence other boys to commit the same crime that he did to your daughters in the hopes that these boy’s dreams and aspirations of holding a high-standing position in our nation will still be intact because one of their own is now POTUS.

By voting for Donald Trump, you are telling your daughters that it’s okay that their POTUS thinks of them as an inanimate object. You’re allowing them to believe that they’re only good in the kitchen because women become boring when they are successful. Electing Donald Trump as president makes young women think that when someone calls them a “beautiful piece of ass,” its a compliment. In 1992, Donald Trump described Olympic gold-medal winning Katarina Witt as “attractive if you like a woman with a bad complexion who is built like a linebacker.” You chose to elect the man that degrades women’s appearances, but fails to praise their brains, their skills, their accomplishments, and their handwork. Having a president who claims that you need to “treat women like shit” makes situations like domestic violence, both physical and mental, seem okay to the men doing it, and the women receiving it (and vice versa). Whether he is making incestuous comments about is daughter, slandering Rosie O’Donnell and the LGBTQ community, comparing women to inanimate objects ( “Beauty and elegance, whether in a woman, a building, or a work of art, is not just superficial or something pretty to see.”), or blaming sexual assault on cohabitation, this man is not doing any good for your daughter’s self-esteem. By voting electing Donald Trump as president, you’re leaving your daughter open to hurt, ridicule, self-doubt, and  sexual assault.

Parents, it doesn’t matter that you believe Trump can save us from our financial crisis, he is NOT a good protector of your daughters. He represents what American isn’t and should not be. We are not sexist, we do not promote sexual assault or incest, we do not stand for homophobia or xenophobia or racism. We are a nation of equality and acceptance and love. We have not made it there completely, but we were on our way until you decided to elect a man who would push our nation’s progress back 50 years. Do not let your girls believe that this glass ceiling cannot be shattered. Encourage them, protect them, vote with their future burned into your mind next time.


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