I Am Not American, But Trump Affects Me Too

It is with great sadness that I pen this post , my day started at 4AM(GMT +2) on the 11th of November when I woke up and checked Twitter only to see that Donald “Cheeto” Trump was in the lead . Racked with anxiety , I stayed up and went to university on almost no sleep , only to be shattered at 9:30 AM when the news had broke.

I will never forget the uneasy looks upon faces or the sadness, disappointment and all across my timeline. I am a Muslim,Indian,South African Woman and you America have not only failed me,but failed the world.

You may say that it should have no affect on me and that I should be concerned with the putrid politics of my own country but then you forget the profound impact the Land of the free has on us. When minorities and our families are trapped and afraid,racists come out of the gutter,stock markets plummet and economies crash.

I will probably never visit your fair land because of my faith or will cry for the millions that will be persecuted for not being a straight white male.

The rest of the world looks up to America and conveniently looks away when they bomb territories , bar refugees or sink further into debt. Now you’ve added a bigot to the list of things that have to be tolerated , a man who doesn’t believe in the concept of global warming (goodbye greenery and hello increased carbon emissions),mocks people with disabilities,grabs p*ssy and so much more .

My message to the Americans at large: you have really screwed up and I am sending you as much revolt as I do prayers , you have no idea what havoc you have unleashed on not just yourself but the rest of us. I can only hope good sense prevails and Trump ends up being “ALL TALK” but even that is a stretch and my optimism can only reach so far.




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