I Survived Sexual Abuse From A Parent

Trigger Warning: Sexually explicit. Sexual abuse

This may come across as a rather cliched story on sexual harassment but this is my story and it’s undoubtedly more than that. A story on how I endured sadism for 4 years.

“Widen those legs, yes just like that. You’re absolutely beautiful & yummy or don’t you think so?” My head moved in an almost imperceptible nod as every question whether rhetorical or not required a response. No reply came with series of unending pain.

I’m Claudia Micheals and I’m 18 years old. My father abandoned my mother and me four years ago and since then I’ve grown into stoicism.
My mother became miserable after Dad left us. She happened to meet her boyfriend Charles during one of her nights of drunken reveling, a lifestyle she recently took pleasure in.

Charles never left our house after that night.

After two weeks, I thought he could be a replacement for Dad, as we had a common affinity and he helped Mum get through her depression. Unfortunately, I was totally oblivious to the beast he truly was.

He was a few years younger than Mum but it didn’t matter as she appeared to be totally in love with him, it wasn’t until after a few months that everything changed. It was more like he waited for a few months to show how nefarious he was.

At first, he would unabashedly walk around naked and act like it was completely normal. He would call me even in my trepidation to stare. Any strive to look away came with a ton of slaps.

At 15, I stopped attending school. Mum was really gullible as he had no stress in making her believe home schooling was better. He claimed to know adequate teachers for the job too and saw it as a way to prevent her from dissipating on school.

Contrary to my mother’s knowledge, he never even bought me a book. As your guess might be, all my attempts at telling Mum how terrible Charles was, were frustrated. Instead, I was severely chastised for ‘badmouthing’.

At 16, my breasts were fully grown and Charles was in charge of buying my underwear. It was then I realised he was suffering from Sadistic Personality Disorder.
He succeeded at chasing all my friends away. I was always immensely lonely and hungry and no, the sex sessions hadn’t begun. All he did was stare, touch and starve me eminently.

At 17, my mother stopped earning as much as she used to and things became really difficult. Charles on the other hand, who never worked, became angry because he didn’t have enough money to continue being reckless.

The four months before my 18th birthday were the worst days of my life. Charles became uncontrollable.

The sex episodes began and I became his slave. He would continuously prattle about how pretty my body was and my grimaces always earned me whips. At first, he would use his belt, then later advanced to using shackles and handcuffs. I was living in hell.

Afterwards, he introduced me to a sex club when he began doing drugs. This was where I found redemption.

Although I had to sleep with multiple men every night, blindfolded, I became friends with a certain bartender named George.

You might wonder where Mum was at all these. She was at home, thinking everything was normal.

George knew about everything that happened but always tried to keep his cool. His attempt at defending me during one of the sex episodes was thwarted by Charles. He saw it as an aspersion on his path.

After that night, George was never seen again, even his friends knew nothing of his whereabouts. I was lonely and filled with resentment once again.

A week later, whilst taking out the trash, I came across a strange bag. I thought it contained a dead animal as blood was gushing out. But behold it was ‘a hand’. I was truly petrified as my eyes clung to a particular finger with a ring ; it was the same ring George had always worn. I was furious!

A few days before my birthday, which was never memorable, I decided to stand up to Charles. I thought about the best way to destroy him but since he was an incorrigible bastard, he didn’t deserve anything extraordinary.

During our daily routines of staring, I decided to take three knives along. As usual, he was ogling at my breasts like an animal and due to his assertiveness, oblivious to my sudden willingness to be obedient.

“Widen those legs, yes just like that. You look absolutely beautiful and yummy or don’t you think so?” My head moved in an almost imperceptible nod as every question whether rhetorical or not required a response.

And just as he was about to penetrate, I used two knives to stab both his legs, he was totally displeased! “Ah! Claudia, how dare you!”

I guffawed at his remark as I held the last knife up “you’re such a sadistic & perverted animal and I hope you rot in hell!” His skin bristled with sweat and his face with grimace as I stabbed his groin with the last knife.


I scooted off immediately on foot. I had no idea where I was headed but this was my best form of escape.

If only she listened to me..


Letter for Mum:
Hi mother, I never understood how you could be so naive and impervious to everything that went on around you. Your devil of a partner Charles you brought in four years ago managed to ruin my life.
I’ve been a sex slave for months & a stoic for years but you never noticed!
If only you listened to me, things would be different. I already reported him to the police and I don’t hope to see either of you soon.
Live well,



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