Trump Supporters: This Isn’t Over

War. Division. Emails. Hate. Racism. Xenophobia. Islamophobia. Dishonesty. We’ve witnessed every aspect of both campaigns. Whether you’re a Trump supporter, Clinton supporter or neither, everyone knows that this election was a wreck. But we’ve finally gotten to the end – and it wasn’t what we hoped for.

November 9th, 2016 will be known as the day that a fear-mongering, racist, sexist, xenophobic man was elected as president. This is not the outcome that we expected. All these jokes about Trump & his toupee; how he isn’t qualified to run as president. All of his bankruptcies. The leaked tapes of him talking proud about how he grabs women by their genitals. Women coming out saying that he assaulted them. Him opening doors on underage girls changing. Not to mention all of the garbage he’s said about People of color & muslims. All of this, and he still has his supporters. This just proves that there are racist, sexist people living among us in our communities. The people we wave our hands to and smile at

“This just proves that there are racist, sexist people living among us in our communities. The people we wave our hands to and smile at everyday support this monster, and that is terrifying. “

Donald Trump’s campaign has promoted nothing but hate, and has encouraged white-supremacist groups to lash out against black people, hispanics, muslims, and many more minorities not even a DAY after the election. There have been reports of trump supporters pulling hijabs off of Muslim women & harassing black folk. KINDERGARTENERS shouting slurs, telling their fellow Hispanic classmates that their families will be deported. Just look at this. Let this sink into your damn brain. People are actually being dehumanized because trump supporters feel that white people are superior again. If you voted for Donald Trump, it seems like you’re okay with racism, ableism, islamophobia, & sexism because we have yet to hear of a reason that says that it isn’t true.

It just breaks my heart, looking at all of these young people, millions, fighting for something they believed in and had hope. They were ready to change the world but now we have suicide hotlines filling up to the brink because those kids are AFRAID of what is to come with a Trump presidency. I’m just heartbroken because all these young people, millions of them, were mobilizing and fighting for something they believed in. They had hope, were passionate and were ready to change the world, but now those same kids are terrified of what is going to happen now. I really don’t know how you can’t look at those pictures and not see that. Kids are totally disheartened because a system they were putting all of their faith in let them down, and now they’re left with nothing but a demagogue who is operating solely on hatred, bigotry and fear.

But we have to be strong at this moment. I want you to remember how many times our generation changed something because we refused to shut up and let bigotry get the final word. Just look at all the protests. Hundreds of people marching because they are simply fed up with this nonsense. Protests against Trump, people holding signs that say “#NotMyPresident”. We have a voice. We will survive this. We will be strong and fight through the hate that will continue. I’m not at all saying that this isn’t scary and that you don’t have the right to be afraid – but please don’t ever let anyone tell you that your passion, your anger, your voice isn’t important. We may mourn and be upset and be scared, but don’t forget that you have so much influence in this world.

It isn’t over, this is just the beginning.




  1. Wow at this nonsense. You know nothing, go turn on your TV for your fake news, sheep. Continue to divide the country with your rhetoric even further all while pretending to be righteous. Do some actual research on why people voted for Trump. Try listening to people instead of casting your narrow minded agenda on millions of people you’ve never met.

    If you care about the kids maybe you should talk about the terrible quality of food, education and brainwashing they are forced to go through at schools.

    1. If this website “sucks”, kindly exit out. You obviously knew what this article was about, but decided to read it thoroughly and leave a comment. Go out. Volunteer. Do something with your time rather than trying to start a fight with someone online.

      & have a nice day!!

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