The Dangers of Being a Young Female in Eastern Europe

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In London, there is a certain stigma around nightclubbing. Young people around London seem completely aware of this social queue, and seem surprisingly unsurprised.

Social media has impacted the secret network of ‘accepted clubbers’ as well, as promoters are now using apps like Instagram or Twitter to find girls who are allowed to be on the list.

The morals behind European nightclubbing have become so outrageous, that someone made a website so that the public could ask promoters questions… and they respond anonymously.

It seems teens are under the perception that nightclubbing should be fun, and if it isn’t you’re “a cynic” and “no fun”. The alternative that no one seems to want to discuss is the theory that nightclubbing is triggering insecurities and belittling the average teenage girl.

When asked about the racial discrimination expressed amongst these nightclubs, one unknown promoter writes, “Clubs, are more racist than old Southerners and would prefer to not have too much of any ethnicity other than white. Their club may become known as the Asian club. Clubs with heavily Hispanic or African  American clientele are thought to be prone to violence.”

 As far as being paid to work at the clubs, one promoter makes clear that the requirements for becoming a bottle girl are to “look hot” and have “big boobs”.

So, yes. It’s not hard to understand that nightclubs turn away girls for their appearance, it’s almost a fact. But what’s most intriguing about this disturbing morality in treating women, is the shocking fate of Eastern Europe and its sex trade.

The two defaults of women in society run parallel. Women are used for sex. Just like they are in the sex trade.

What is Sex Trade? 

“A $32 billion annual industry, modern day trafficking is a type of slavery that involves the transport or trade of people for the purpose of work. According to the U.N., about 2.5 million people around the world are ensnared in the web of human trafficking at any given time.” –Soroptimist

Human trafficking and sex trade flow from the East to the West, and women may be trafficked from any country to another at any time, and victims exist everywhere. Women make up the largest group of sex trafficking victims, followed by female children and a small percentage of men and boys.

Who Would Pay for This? 

In most parts of the world, sadly, there is no real stigma to purchasing sexual favors for money. Prostitution continues to be perceived as a victimless crime. This is because, women are socially debilitated in so many societies, and there is no conflict with purchasing women or girls for sexual services. In Western society, there is a commonly held perception that women choose to enter into the commercial sex trade.

Sex-tourism (traveling or vacationing for the purpose of having sex), is a billion dollar industry.

Men who purchase trafficked women are both rich or poor, Eastern or Western. Many are married and have children, and in some cases, as reported in one New York Times article, men have sex with trafficked girls in lieu of abusing their own young children.

According to DailyMail UK, in Eastern Europe…

  • Victims can be as young as 12 years old.
  • The UN estimates that there are 2.4 million victims of human trafficking around the world at any one time.
  • Around 80 percent of these are exploited as sex slaves.
  • However, other research indicates that the true figure is much higher, at around nine million.
  • Criminals who buy and sell human beings are said to earn up to $150 billion a year (£99 billion).
  • Around two-thirds of this or $99 billion (£63 billion) comes from sexual exploitation.
  • According to Crimestoppers, 90 people from the UK were victims of human trafficking in 2013.

The two explorations may seem unrelated, but do perceive this conception of women and sex, and how they are constantly used to sell it. This decade is arguably  revolutionary to women’s rights and victim blaming – however – sex trade still exists, and has a larger profit than major corporations.

For foreign criminals who get caught, there is a lack of punishment and cowardice that encourages this trade. If these criminals are even unlucky enough to get caught.

Who is to Blame? 

Weak, gutless politicians, our laws and our courts, and punishments.




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