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Kodak Black Is Accused Of Rape, Cut The Excuses Out— The Protection Of Black Men

For months people have been screaming “Free Kodak”. Kodak Black is a southern rapper straight out of Florida. His song “No Flocking” dominated everyone’s playlist this summer. At just 19, Kodak has now developed a criminal history that is quite striking for someone his age. In September he was sentenced to 120 days in jail. He pleaded no contest to two weed misdemeanor charges. This case is apart of a prior case back in 2015 for a traffic lighe that he failed to show up to court for. As talented as Kodak is, he is also heavily flawed.

On Monday he was released from jail. Social media rejoiced as Kodak was finally free. Not so fast, though. Kodak is not a free man just yet. He was quickly sent to South Carolina after his release and placed in the custody of the state’s attorney. It’s been reported that this move was due to his ongoing sexual assault case. Yes sexual assault. As in rape. For months, there had been whispers about this case but no full details. Now all the details are available.

Kodak Black is being charged with committing sexual battery to a woman back in February. The warrant details that Kodak Black “forced the victim onto the bed in the room and then onto the floor of the room”. The victim repeatedly told Kodak to stop but he didn’t listen. Kodak even bit the victim on the neck and chest. To many people reading, they probably think the victim is lying. The rape kit that was conducted confirmed all of these injuries.

If found guilty, Kodak could face up to 30 years in prison.

Chances are he won’t be found guilty because this isn’t an isolated occurrence, but it is apart of a culture where women are raped but not believed.

Why won’t Kodak be found guilty? The same reason Derrick Rose won his case. Money and celebrity.

On August 26, 2015 a woman filed a civil suit again Derrick Rose and two of his friends. The suit alleges that the three men drugged her at a party and the following morning trespassed into her apartment and gangraped her. Derrick won this case, but what was the most shocking about it was Derrick had no knowledge of what consent was when asked during court. So how can a man who doesn’t know what consent is know when a woman is consenting?

Keep in mind only 2-8% of rape accusations are false. Why would a woman risk her life to come forward about a rape against powerful people? Women literally have all odds against them when they come forward. We live in a society that rationalizes rape because you were drunk, wearing a short skirt, or at a party. When a woman comes forward her life is over because she is met with people blaming her, from friends to even parents.

Now imagine going up against a celebrity; people on Twitter are still celebrating Kodak despite him being accused on rape. When Brock Turner was arrested for rape, Twitter collectively worked together to drag his name in the dirt. Yet when it comes to Kodak it’s silence.

The way that Kodak allegedly raped the young lady shows no respect for another human being. You can’t romantcize someone cause their music is good.

Kodak is a human being and human beings can be so vile sometimes. Instead of praising his release, we need to bring to light these allegations against him.

Anytime a black man is accused of rape, people think it’s a conspiracy against black men, but it isn’t. Sometimes black men are rapists, plain and simple. Anyone can be a rapist no matter what color. Women will still support a black men with an impending rape charge because society stacks so much against them. We are stuck in this costant lullaby of black men protection. We stand by black men even when they do us so badly. Family members will stand by black men who have molested and even raped children in the family. They keep it a secret and tell the victims to keep it a secret. Mass incaracation is a big issue in the black community with 60% of the prison population being people of color. Moreover, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their life time, so we try to protect black men so they don’t become a static. It’s time to focus on protecting other women in a world where women are the most vulnerable. Many black men are the predators and for this reason, many black girls have suffered for years keeping the deep dark secrets of many black men regarding sexual assault.

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Evelyn V. Woodsen
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Evelyn Atieno is a sometimes journalist who enjoys binge watching Gossip Girl every other month. She has been featured in MTV,Business Insider, Huffington Post and The Baltimore Sun


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