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10 Things to Remember During the VS Fashion Show

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s the holiday season, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is headed to Paris this year with a star studded cast and musical guest list. Victoria’s Secret Angels and models will strut in their holiday catalog of bras, underwear, and lingerie on national television. This always is an internationally discussed event and there always seems to be a group consensus.

The same type of comments resonate every year, “I’m not going to let my boyfriend watch the fashion show”, “I’m not going to eat next week”, “I’m not gonna watch because they’re sluts”, and “I need to go to the gym”.

All of this stems from the darkness that is comparison. Some feel that they don’t measure up to societal body standards and that makes them undesirable— but newsflash: you already are desirable.

Here’s some things to remember while you watch the fashion show or while you’re looking at photos on your timeline:

  1. Their bodies are beautiful, but not effortless: They train their whole life for this. Each model is privileged with an arsenal of stylists, nutritionists, trainers, and agents. Their career is based on the upkeep and status of their body. It takes time, money, and effort that an average person can’t commit to.
  2. You don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model to be beautiful: They are one avenue of beauty. It’s a myth that they are the only pathway to be truly beautiful.
  3. VS models aren’t “sluts”: It’s a harmful stereotype. The way they portray their bodies to advertise intimate wear has no correlation with their personal life. A personal life that is no one’s business but their own. Being comfortable showing their body with their consent doesn’t make them attention seeking or “slutty”. Their confidence is admirable.
  4. Don’t tolerate “I’m not going to eat for a week” after watching: This is the dark road to the beginning of a battle with an eating disorder. It’s something that should be taken very seriously and not something that should be normalized. This thought process isn’t funny or relatable, it can be a warning sign of a very serious and lifelong problem that many battle on a daily basis. Not nourishing one’s self is not the solution; it never is.
  5. VS models are beautiful, but that’s only one body type: All body types are beautiful. However, this isn’t an idea that the company sells. The sizes they sell are limited and only one body type models their clothing. It’s dishonest to not represent all the customers who wear their brand. They could do better in displaying a range of sizes instead of selling the myth of one type of beautiful.
  6. The VS brand is made to sell a fantasy: They want you to believe that when you wear their brand you feel like a VS angel walking down the runway.
  7. Skinny shaming is real and it’s not okay: However, VS models will never understand the oppression curvy and larger people feel by society’s constant reinforcement that thin bodies are superior and always healthy. VS models represent aesthetic beauty, but any type of body shaming is unacceptable.
  8. This year’s VS Show will be historic: Jasmine Tookes is the first black woman to wear the $3 million dollar fantasy bra in 9 years! She’s the third black woman to wear the honor.
  9. Not all significant others are going to love you any less for watching: Don’t buy into the fear that all men are that easily swayed.
  10. There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym after watching: However, be conscious why you’re so motivated. Is it about health or achieving impossible body standards? Prioritize health.

So whether you tune in or not, let’s all remember these tips to keep Twitter, and all other social media, positive during this year’s show.

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Elisabeth is a senior at the University of Oklahoma, a wifi enthusiast, and an avid follower of pop culture.

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