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A Simple Guide to Journaling

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Journaling is seen as a childish hobby to many. “Journaling” is viewed as simply opening your journal to talk about the teacher you hate or the guy you like, however, there is more to journaling than that. Journaling is recommended by many therapists and counselors as a tool to help relieve stress and convey your thoughts and feelings. Even though you’re not saying these things out loud, it is an amazing feeling to express your thoughts in some form of creativity, and journaling is an easy way to do just that. Here is a simple guide to journaling to help you start you own journal today:

  • Start by writing about your day. Even if you had the most boring day ever, find the most exciting part of the day. When you look back at your finished product, you’ll be happy with what you wrote.
  • Find a quiet place to write. Journaling is a time of reflection and meditation. It might be harder to write if you’re watching your favorite show on Netflix.
  • Find out what type of journal you would want to have. There are many types of journals: bullet, daily, and art journals. Finding what journal you’re comfortable with can make your journaling experience a lot better.
  • Watch journal flip-throughs for inspiration. Watching journal flip-throughs on Youtube can help you find inspiration. Many people get very creative and use magazine clippings and stickers to decorate their pages.


Journaling is a very simple way to express yourself. All you need is a journal, a pen, and ideas to write down.

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