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Victoria’s Secret Model Leomie Anderson Talks To Us About Using Fashion To Promote Consent

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]eomie Anderson is the Victoria’s Secret Model we should all aspire to be. She will be walking her second Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tonight, and she can’t contain her excitement “I can’t even explain how crazy it feels, especially as it was in Paris this year, one of my favourite cities- it was a total dream come true!”. Since it’s her second show, she has now become a pro, “To be honest I don’t really get nervous anymore and backstage at the VS Show I was more excited than anything to give it my all on the runway.” Apart from being a supermodel, Leomie is an outspoken activist. In an interview with BBC Newsbeat she openly spoke about the mistreatment of black girls in the modeling world,“Lighter skinned girls get more work than darker skinned girls,” she said.  Many models don’t usually speak out about this, while some  don’t even think it’s an issue. Although the industry is hard, Leomie believes that no matter what as a black model you should be proud of who you are, “Honestly, be proud of your blackness and don’t let anyone make you feel like it is something you need to “tone down” or “Switch off” in order to be accepted.”

Leomie’s activism goes far beyond just exposing injustices, she has now started a clothing line and website named LAPP. It stands for Leomie Anderson the Project and the Purpose,”LAPP is all about connecting women all over the world and social media is a great way to build an online community” she says,” I have linked women from America, the U.K and more who have read each others stories and wanted to speak more to one another, this is what LAPP is all about and social media is just a great way to create those connections.” This website has many articles on race, relationships and obstacles facing women.

LAPP The Brand

LAPP The Brand

Many people would be shocked that a model would start a website talking about the exact things the modeling industry praises, “Thats exactly why I did start it. I am a model and I have a lot of young female followers who I know look up to me, I wanted to offer them more than just nice pictures on Instagram and show them that yes I am a model but I also care about making a difference and inspiring people. It doesn’t stop there, the website also sells awesome shirts that promote consent,  “Consent is very important and is something that is often denied to women in many aspects of our lives.” said Leomie,

“I wanted young girls to know that it is okay to say no to someone who is asking for explicit images or something that you feel uncomfortable with. I felt it was important for them to hear it from someone they look up to.”

Of course it’s not always easy balancing modeling and a full time project that she’s dedicated to, “I started LAPP by myself and still do 99% of it’s duties by myself; when I’m in London I’ll be the one mailing packages and I still try to read all of my emails myself too. It’s a lot of work but I really believe in what I’m doing so I never really feel like giving up. ”

LAPP The Brand

LAPP The Brand

Leomie hopes that people when people visit the website, they feel as though it is a safe space where there’s no negativity allowed, “I just want people to feel refreshed when they visit LAPP. It’s free from gossip and the usual negativity that can be directed at women on the internet so I just hope people come away feeling like they’ve connected with one of the submissions.” She’s always looking for new submissions if you’re interested, “I also want people to feel encouraged to tell their story or speak on their passions- if anyones reading this and wants to submit they should email me on today!”

So what is the future looking like for LAPP? Leomie has some interesting upcoming releases,” I’m about to drop the ‘Grabs Back’ collection of hoodies which is anti Trump inspired” she continues,”I feel like he is the most recognisable face of misogyny right now so wanted to do something cheeky but meaningful against what he represents. The collection drops on Wednesday!”

Want to see more Leomie? Follow her daily blog and tune in tonight to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS!


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