[dropcap]I[/dropcap] think we all know about the situation in Aleppo. After an ongoing battle,  pro-Assad forces are entering homes, slaughtering dozens of Syrian civilians. Heartbreaking goodbye messages are flooding in. These videos, pictures and tweets show the trapped and desperate people in the rebel-held neighbourhoods.

Women are choosing suicide over rape. Bodies are littering the streets. The hospitals in Aleppo are no longer functioning due to the heavy bombing and destruction. We can’t let this carry on. We cannot let silence during genocide become a trend. You may feel like we cannot do anything but we are not powerless. Use your voices and be heard. Use your tweets and be seen. Post it on Facebook, blog about it, anything. Urge your government to get involved and take action because I hate to say it, but this is not the end of this callous and cruel event, so if we stand back and watch, this will continue in places like Idlib, Al-Raqqah and other rebel-held parts of Syria. Sadly, turning the other way will be our generation’s shame.

However, you can make a difference in the lives of those who are still there and those who have had to flee.

Here is a list of charities and organizations that you can get involved with and donate to, whether you’re from the UK, US or any other part of the world.

Human Appeal 

The charity runs Imaan Hospital in Aleppo, a key centre for women and children who’ve been affected by the conflict. The hospital has provided care for over 8,500 children and 7,600 women.

British Red Cross

The Red Cross is delivering medicine and emergency supplies to those who need it, as well as providing shelter and support to those who need to flee.

Save The Children

Save The Children provide food, support hospitals, help schools to keep running and repair water systems, as well as providing specialist emotional support for children.

Hand In Hand For Syria

This charity takes emergency aid directly to those living under threat and provide food, water and medical aid.

The Syrian American Medical Society

The Syrian American Medical Society provides medical treatment in southern Syria, as well as providing medical training. So far they have treated more than 2.6 million patients.

Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations

Every dollar given here delivers about $10 in medicine, and if you pledge $200 or more a month, you can sponsor a medical worker in the field.

White Helmets 

The White Helmets is a  volunteer rescue organization in Syria who search through the rubble for survivors and help civilians recover by fixing up buildings and giving them medical care.

Don’t turn a blind eye. #StandwithAleppo

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