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We’ve Survived 2016, Let’s Start 2017 Right

It was a late night for me on Friday, 9th December, when I opened my Twitter page looking for something to tweet about and share. I scrolled down my timeline and I’ve seen a lot of negativity going around and people complaining about how “2016 was the worst year, 2016 was nothing.”

It genuinely got me thinking was it actually nothing? What happened in 2016?

So my thoughts started getting deep and I realized some stuff; 2016 was a completely different year. It was the most complicated year I’ve ever been through, starting with all of the good stuff that happened to all the drama that the world has been through. For example, the Rio Olympics that featured more female athletes than ever before to the legends that we lost this year like Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, and Prince. Those are only just a few things. Besides the stuff that happened to us, in our personal lives, it was like a long fast roller coaster but when it came to the end it felt so fast but away from everything: WE SURVIVED!

Maybe we didn’t get our college degree or didn’t go out with the person we love or one of our dreams didn’t come true, but it was the year of realizing, wasn’t it? And whatever happened this year or the mistakes we’ve done and the bad decisions, it’s all ending now in few days! What all of us need to do now is to list the good things that happened to us this year and remember all of the happy moments that we’ve been through as well as start planning to what we want to do next year and what changes we wanna make to our lives. We need to start a new chapter in 2017 and spread some positive vibes, and know the changes don’t have to be that HUGE. Let’s start simple, for example, you don’t like the decoration of your room, then start small changes it and start 2017 where you feel comfortable!

Or you’re not doing good at school then this is your chance to go out there and change that!

Try a new thing every day in 2017, make someone else’s day in 2017 and remember it’ll all come back to you at the end. The options are a lot and this is your chance; let’s start 2017 together forgetting what happened in 2016 and try to make it the best!

It’s our chance now to start a new chapter in 2017 .

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