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4 Perfect Gifts for the Trump Supporters in Your Life

As the holidays roll around we all know it means one thing, awkward family reunions between those racist family members that often begin talking about their respect for Trump because he “speaks his mind”. Although, just because my grandfather speaks his mind when he gets drunk on Christmas probably doesn’t mean he’s qualified to be in charge of an entire country. To inspire the holiday spirit, I have compiled a list of gifts for all the subtly racist aunts and the drunk grandfathers out there.

  1. A donation to a charity in their name — Organizations such as Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund will need your help more than ever in 2017. We will be living under a president who expects to build a wall to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering and a vice president who wants to jail same-sex couples for applying for a marriage license. We need organizations like these to continue to uplift marginalized groups. Donate an amount of money to the organization of your choice under their name and present it to them. They’ll love it!
  2. A product from a black owned beauty line — This is for that cousin who shares Instagram makeup tutorials and fake news about how Obama is the founder of ISIS. KA’OIR Cosmetics sells moisturizing, high pigmented lipstick in every shade of the rainbow. Ginger + Liz sells vegan and toxin-free nail polish. Trump has been vocal about his disapproval towards the Black Lives Matter movement, so surprise your conservative cousin with cosmetics from the same people she called “thugs” on Facebook.
  3. A watch from a company that plants a tree every time a timepiece is purchased — This will be the perfect accessory to help you countdown the moments before our planet is completely destroyed. Wooden Watches pledges to help restore Mother Nature with every watch that is bought. Trump’s cabinet choice for the EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, has spoken out about how he believes climate change is a silly theory. Let’s take care of our home.
  4. Handmade objects from women in shelters — The disturbing video of Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush surfaced shortly before the election. The video showed the two friends discussing groping women and laughed that sometimes you just need to “grab them by the p-ssy”. The Downtown Women’s Center is a shelter for women. It’a a safe place for women to escape domestic and sexual violence that Trump is all too familiar with. DWC runs a shop for customers to purchase crafts made by women who have come to their shelter. Profits go towards funding the shelter.

Hopefully these gift ideas help you out. Happy holidays!

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