Why India’s Ban on Pakistani Actors is Uncalled for

Bollywood has become one of the world’s biggest entertainment industries of the world. It’s known for the many artists it brings. For example, Katrina Kaif from London and Kalki Koechlin from France. Recently, it has been known to bring in pakistani actors such as Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. However, recent disputes between the two countries of India and Pakistan made India ban pakistani actors from taking part in bollywood films.

The debate about who Kashmir belongs to is the reason for this chaos. Going back to the days of india’s partition in 1947. Kashmir never really belonged to any country so why the brawl? It was also stated that kashmir could choose which country to go to, but it was decided that they should stay independent. Now in 2016, the fight is back on. Both countries believe they should take hold of the country.

Due to the skirmish, India announced that Pakistani actors will be banned from acting in bollywood movies until everything returns to normalcy. Now who knows when that will happen. Pakistan fires back with a ban of Indian movies being played in a Pakistani theaters. Many bollywood actors and actresses have spoken up about the issue. Some oppose india’s ban while some are all for it. India’s officials have also stalled the release of two new bollywood films because both movies include pakistani actors.

There are no boundaries for talent and Fawad Khan should not be targeted over political matters.” Bollywood actor ShahRukh Khan said in response to a blogger asking him his opinion on the topic.

India has gone so far as to create extremist groups that are willing to beat pakistani actors. Recently, an extremist group affiliated with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) also warned the Pakistani artists to leave India in 48-hours.

Pakistani kalakaar toh maar khaayenge hi, saath mein jo yahan producer/director hain unko bhi peetenge.” (Paksitani artists will be beaten up and so will the producers and directors). A member of the extremist group said.

This fight has gotten too far. Pakistan and India should accept the fact that Kashmir is independent and killing each other or banning one another will not solve the problem. Kashmir is a region that has been controlled for far too long. It is a beautiful land with beautiful people, but sadly is stuck between a milieu of politics.



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