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Malik Obama: The Brother Who Never Left Home

President Obama does not shy away from his roots in Kenya; in fact, he often embraces them. There is a part of Kenya that we have to assume he wants to distance himself from, however: his half brother, Malik Obama. This brother spawns from his father’s side, which if had not been proven through various photos, would be hard to believe. It is not an issue of physical resemblance but rather the fact that Malik seems to have come from some far-off planet, not Earth.

Malik Obama has made a presence by being the antithesis to his brother.

He has always been vocal about the rocky relationship with him and his brother, usually politically driven. This disappointment from a brother in a political family is not new, Jeb Bush embodied the outcast brother for years, but Malik Obama is a new type of weird. Nonetheless, he is a type of weird that is just really hard to look away from (Something else him and Jeb have in common!).

Malik Obama has become a Twitter gem. It would be appropriate to call him a meme, but he would like that too much and I do not want to give him the satisfaction. He has made several tweets referencing, and in many ways worshipping, meme culture.

 If it were not for the blue check, it would be easy to believe that this was some parody account that has gone too far impersonating the estranged brother. But he is very real. It is real, and it is actually quite hilarious.

It comes to no surprise that soon the tweets started to show a weird kind of sexism that I feel like only this man could accomplish. The self proclaimed “Thot Patroller”, Malik Obama, prides himself in patrolling thots, whatever that consists of. “Thot” for anyone who was vacant from the internet in 2015, stands for “That Hoe Over There”. He even went as far as to say that Sarah Palin was also apart of this coalition against thots.

The weirdest part of this all is his new trend of posting seemingly random, unsuspecting people as if they were part of his odd Twitter community.

 Malik Obama’s refusal to be discrete about his obvious accepting of payment for tweets prompted me to email him inquiring about an interview. He responded by saying that interviews are $10,000. I then followed up asking how much tweets cost, to which he responded with “?”, before a simple “Same”.

I would usually be against Trump supporters getting any sort of compensation for their dangerous rhetoric, but I think we can all agree that Malik Obama’s rhetoric stopped being dangerous a long time ago. When you tweet about memes as if they’re holy, your political weight is lessened to a point of no return. I would know.

So whatever idiot is paying Malik Obama for his tweets, please do not stop! If it makes you feel better, he says the compensation he gets goes to his foundation. There is, of course, no proof of this.

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Maiya is 18 years old from Houston Texas, currently studying political science. Her passion is writing about politics but she often drifts over into other things that intersect. Her career goal is to be able to support herself fully from her writing.

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