No Justice Served in Rape Trial Yet Again

As we all know, the Stanford rape case was an unfair and disgusting one. Because of it, rape cases all over the United States have eyes on them. The American people will protest, hang signs, call or email judges if they even suspect an unfair trial. And in the case of a Montana rape, a petition was made on calling for the impeachment of Judge John Mckeon for ignorning the suggestion of the prosecution and letting a rapist only spend half the days he’s supposed to in prison.

A father from Glasgow, Montana was accused of raping his 12-year-old daughter multiple times. Judge John C. McKeon sentenced 40 year-old Martin Blake to only 60 days of incarceration and probation for the admitted, multiple rapes of his 12 year-old. He even ignored the prosecution’s recommendation of giving the father only a 25 year sentence. The judge sided with the rapist, as did Judge Aaron Persky in the Stanford rape case.

This has to stop. Rapists are rapist and should pay for what they have done, as well as the judges that let them go free. The petition on received over 200,000 signatures but even that wasn’t enough to get judge Mckeon impeached. The judicial standards commission was part of the decision making team. However, showing how vile and disgusting humans can be, they ignored the signatures and did not take any measures of impeaching the judge.

Absolutely no justice was served.

We are here hoping and praying this never happens again. The victim’s life has changed forever. And the rapist once again is free.

Although no justice was served, the legislature in Montana decided to propose seven new bills that guarantee the incarceration of rapists and justice for victims. You can see the seven bills here.



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