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Dear Obama Family: Thank You For Everything

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Malia and Sasha pose for a family portrait with Bo and Sunny in the Rose Garden of the White House on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Last night I pictured the most saddening thing and it actually hurt my heart. I pictured the White House in an unsettled state. I pictured boxes everywhere, empty drawers and suitcases out as the Obama family prepared to leave.

This is the reality we currently face. And as we get closer to the Jan. 20, the day that Trump will be inaugurated, I and countless others, only grow more fearful. Though many of us aren’t sure what to expect from a Trump presidency, we haven’t been put at ease by his views, nor his treatment of other genders, races, and cultures. With Republicans plans to repeal Obamacare, and defund Planned Parenthood already on the way, many Americans are even fearing the safety of their own lives.

Though times are tough and we’re all about to enter a complete state of panic, I want to take a moment to thank the Obama family for everything they’ve done – not just for America, but the whole world. As Michelle Obama made her final remarks as the First Lady and Barack Obama farewelled armed services, both maintained such a high amount of class and dignity – and most importantly, selflessness.

Right up until the end, they were the classiest and most gracious family they could have ever been.

Even when Trump won the election and we all knew how much the Obamas were against him, they still welcomed him and his family, accepting the decision. They’ve been constantly called racial slurs and been degraded by Twitter users – yet, they’ve never even given those trolls the time of day. Instead, they’ve always gone on to focus on the bigger picture: running the country.

And how great was Barack Obama at that. I’m still constantly befuddled by the amount of people that continue to yell out “Obama ruined my country!” like he was some sort of monster who said disgusting things about different races or had followers that committed hate crimes in his name. Could he have done better? Well, I’m sure there were many other things he would have liked to have done during his presidency. Yet considering how much congress blocked his progressive proposals, he did the best that he could – and still achieved a remarkable amount. But right now, it’s past the point of me justifying to others the kind of people I think the Obama family are. Instead, I’m going to focus on thanking them, and sending them all my love and respect for what they’ve achieved.

To Barack Obama: Thank you for delivering the longest streak in job growth history. Thank you for the affordable health care you gave Americans that saved lives. Thank you for working to save the planet by doubling fuel efficiency. And most importantly, thank you for never even taking full credit for any of those things. It’s good to know that if we ever see a #ThanksObama trend happening, it won’t be because you started it.

To Michelle Obama: First of all, coolest First Lady ever, am I right? I have so much respect and love for you in my heart every time I see you trying to fight for girls in third world countries to get the education they deserve. You set a standard that I hope every First Lady follows by being powerful, kind and standing alongside your husband as an equal – not cowering behind him. Thank you for being such an inspiration to intersectional feminism and every woman around the world. I hope that the respect and love that you have for yourself transcends upon every little girl who has ever watched any of your speeches.

To Malia and Sasha Obama: To even imagine how hard it would have been growing up in the White House and constantly being surrounded by Secret Service completely astounds me. To have such busy parents, constant traveling would have made the past 8 years of your lives completely hectic. Thank you for giving up a normal childhood for the better of your country. Thank you for coping with living under a constant microscope and dealing with the media scrutinizing your every move. Despite the fact you were kids, people expected so much of you – and you always met those expectations.

It’s something you never really think about at the time, but when I look back, I feel so incredibly grateful to have gotten the opportunity to grow up on Obama. I never had to see my president mock a disabled reporter. I never had to see him brag on camera about sexually assaulting women. Instead, I got to watch a man pass a health care reform that helped 32 million uninsured Americans. I got to watch him end a war in Iraq and eliminate Osama Bin Laden. I got to watch him praise the supreme court for legalizing gay marriage and watch him cry with sympathy over the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting.

I got to grow up with a president who never preached anything other than love and showed respect for everyone no matter race, religion or gender.

To be alive to witness a black man become president,  a man who was so caring and noble towards his country, has been such an honor. I can only hope I get to see the day once again when someone else who is just as righteous and honorable takes the title of our next President of the United States.

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Dorothy is a Young Adult author who has an obsession with American politics. When she's not ranting at 3am on the internet about why she loves Star Wars, you can find her drinking green tea and binge watching television shows on Netflix in an attempt to avoid her responsibilities.


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