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Donald Trump Kicked Off MLK Weekend By Attacking Civil Rights Leader John Lewis

John Lewis, far right, with Martin Luther King, Jr., center, leading a march from Selma to Montgomery to protest restrictive voting rights against African-Americans in 1965. Photo: Public Domain

Photo: Public Domain


Donald Trump has started Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in an unsurprising manner by attacking another person who disagrees with him. This morning’s victim is Representative John Lewis, a prominent civil rights leader who stood hand-in-hand with Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s no shock that Donald Trump spent his Saturday morning ranting on Twitter because someone disagrees with him being the president-elect, but the person he attacked and the time he chose to attack this person presents a problem. John Lewis is an American politician representing Georgia’s fifth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. And before his career in politics, John Lewis was fighting for equality.

Lewis inspired the masses with his courage and drive to fight against racism and for equality.

Many times over, he was arrested and left bloodied after attacks by police officers.

John Lewis, chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, being beaten by a state trooper during a civil rights protest. Photo: Associated Press

He was beaten by White people for sitting at the counter of a diner, something deemed illegal by Jim Crow laws at the time. The fact that Donald Trump, who has done nothing but divide this nation, decided to attack a man who fought for the equality of Black people simply because he disagrees with him is disgusting. He should be trying to be a president for all Americans, something he said was going to do on November 9th. Instead, he has chosen to insult yet another person who has contributed immensely to the same country he wishes to “make great again”.

John Lewis is pulled off a lunch counter stool during a sit-in in Nashville. Photo: Gannett/The Tennessean/File

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Antonio Del Otero
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Antonio is a 16-year-old social activist from Detroit, Michigan. He's been interviewed by ABC, NBC, and Univision for his social activism and outspoken disapproval of Trump. He is Cuban, Palestinian, and Jordanian.

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