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Where Is the Backlash Against Casey Affleck?

Boston Magazine

It’s the age-old tale of the white man getting let off for their harmful actions, and Casey Affleck seems to have joined the club.

Awards season is upon us, with the Golden Globes having just finished and with the yearly controversial Oscars on the horizon, there are no doubts that amazing actors and production crews will be snubbed one way or another through an award… just like Denzel Washington’s performance in Fences. And the cycle of white male privilege will keep on working, just like people will ignore the fact that Casey Affleck has multiple sexual harassment cases against him.

Upon reading the articles regarding this year’s films and TV shows that are most likely to be nominated for such awards, Casey Affleck was one of the few actors that was featured in all of them. Every description praised his talent, praised the fact that he’s growing out of the inevitability that he will always be known as “Ben Affleck’s brother”, and one even stated that his role in Manchester by The Sea was the role of a lifetime. But most failed to talk about one significant thing: the previous cases of sexual harassment made against him.

According to The Daily Beast, during the production of Affleck’s film, I’m Still Here, he continuously harassed Amanda White, the producer of the film. She claims that “[Casey Affleck] ordered a crew member to take off his pants and show White his penis — even after she vehemently objected“, in addition to the fact that Affleck “referred to women as ‘cows’ and recounted his sexual exploits with reckless abandon,” according to the actual legal files.

To make it even worse, Affleck was sued for trying to manipulate and force Amanda White to sleep with him by physically abusing her. “When she resisted, White claimed, he grabbed her threateningly and attempted to scare her into submission,” the article states.

Furthermore, just before Amanda White’s situations occurred, Affleck had previously harassed a fellow co-worker, Magdalena Gorka, the director of photography for the film. Gorka states “Affleck and other members of the production team openly talked about engaging in sexual activities with her, and jokingly suggested that she have sex with the camera assistant, a good friend of Affleck’s,” along with previous accusations that can be read on her original legal file of complaint in the picture.


Magdalena Gorka’s file for Complaint against Casey Affleck

Even though the two situations were settled with both Amanda White and Magdalena Gorka, it is still a sexual harassment case. The damage is done, the trauma is set in place, and the memories will be there forever to stay with both White and Gorka; the treatment of women in workplaces that are dominated by men are continuously ignored, and it’s a conception that just because something has been settled means that it will always be forgotten. It won’t be.

So why is Casey Affleck still being treated as if nothing happened? Why is no one remembering the things he has done? Everyone was so quick to boycott Nate Parker and his latest projects, so why not do the same with Casey Affleck? You tell me.

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