At some point in your life, you have had to (or will have to) walk to a destination alone and it will be pitch black outside. It is inevitable and as much as you would want to have someone by your side during this trip, it might a short distance or transportation might not be in your reach. With our society evolving today in terms of technology, apps have been churned out of the Apple/Android App Store that allows you to “virtually walk” home your friend.

In particular, the Companion app has the most simplistic and user-friendly interface out there. Also, it’s free.


The way it works is:

  1. You select the location you’re trying to get to.
  2. You select a “Companion” from your list of contacts. They do not have to have the app as they’ll primarily be contacted via text or call.
  3. Your Companion is sent a text that includes a link to a map of your moving location.
  4. If the app senses any dire movements, your screen flashes asking if “you’re okay?”. If the user doesn’t press the button within 15 seconds, the app acts as an alarm, making loud noises to scare away the potential danger and gives you the option to call the police.
  5. Additionally, the user can press the “I’m nervous” button as they’re traveling to their destination and this information is sent to the app’s database in order for the company to collect data on possible unsafe zones.

I personally have this app downloaded on my phone and use it while I am running. It provides me with extra security and comfort knowing my friends and local police are at the tips of my fingers and in a matter of seconds in case of real danger. However, for all of the glory of the app, it can be a real battery drainer when not in use. This can be fixed with a quick and easy solution by only allowing the app to get your location only when the app is in use which can be found in your phone’s privacy settings. It is entirely up to you though because if you change this setting, you’d need to have the app opened in order for its function to be used. All in all, I highly recommend this app to anyone.

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