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IUDs May Be the Most Reliable Form of Contraception to Outlast Trump’s Presidency

Ever since Trump vowed to appoint pro-life Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe v. Wade in a presidential debate, I have been wondering what a Trump presidency would mean for women’s reproductive healthcare. The GOP has historically been against abortion and has recently been open about defunding Planned Parenthood because of this. Combined with Trump’s pro-life agenda, his threats to toss the ACA could very well make certain forms of affordable contraception difficult to obtain for many women.

Prices of birth control are no doubt going to increase after January, and without insurance to cover even part of the cost, birth control as a reliable method of contraception won’t be realistic for some. In the hours after Trump was announced President-Elect, there was a massive spike in internet searches for IUDs. Planned Parenthood saw a 900% increase (Time Magazine) in demand for this contraceptive. As completely justifiable concern spread, women on Twitter began prompting each other to get an IUD immediately (Erin Gloria Ryan), convinced that long term birth control would be the only way to make it through Trump’s presidency.

With intrauterine devices providing anywhere from three to twelve years of worry free pregnancy prevention, getting one would be a safe call. They can be removed at any time, and they function perfectly when inserted correctly. After watching the presidential debate myself, I began researching everything there is to know about IUDs. I made an appointment with my gynecologist, and I was eager to discuss an IUD as an option, considering I am 16 and know for a fact that I don’t want to get pregnant in during the potential eight years of Trump’s presidency.

Although an IUD might seem like the obvious method of birth control for teens because of it’s effectiveness and no care maintenance, my healthcare provider did not even bring it up. If you are set on getting an IUD and you think it would be the best option for your lifestyle, you need to bring it up to your healthcare provider, because from experience they will not recommend an IUD to teens. If your physician agrees that an IUD is a good option for you, don’t wait to make an appointment to get it inserted. The process is quick and relatively painless, and when functioning correctly they are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy (they don’t protect against STDs though). I’m assuming that when Trump takes office he won’t immediately trash the ACA, but if you are considering an IUD I recommend looking into it in the next coming weeks.

If you are concerned about potentially becoming pregnant in the next four to eight years, I would take serious precautions. Talk to you healthcare provider and see if an IUD is the best option for you, and if it is, don’t hesitate to make your appointment. Stock up on emergency contraception if you can, Plan B has a long shelf life and you may find it hard to come by soon. Many won’t see Trump’s presidency as a threat, but his political agenda could be potentially life changing for women everywhere, especially if abortion becomes illegal in your state. Before the option may be taken away, get your mammograms, pap smears, cancer screenings, and other services Planned Parenthood provides. Stay safe and take steps to make sure you are in control of your reproductive health in the coming years, ensure that conservative political agendas can’t interfere with your body and choice.

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